Trey Jones was always the young rider that everyone had their eye on. As Trey grew, anyone could tell that he had what it took to ride a BMX bike. So, it was no surprise that as he grew up that he became a successful bike rider. I caught up with him to talk about what it was like to grow up riding BMX.


Quick Facts:

Age: 18

Hometown: Casselberry, FL

Sponsors: Cult Crew, The Shadow Conspiracy, Vans shoes, Fox Clothing, Mr. bike and boards bike shop

Years Riding: 14

Growing Up in BMX: The Trey Jones Interview


Michael: How′s the riding scene in Florida?

Trey: The riding scene is awesome! There′s always somebody to ride with and there′s always something to ride!

Michael: You′ve been riding since you were young, how did you get into BMX?

Trey: My dad raced when he was a kid and when I learned how to ride a bike when I was 3 and he saw I was trying to jump curbs, he figured he would take me to the race track and I immediately fell in love!

Michael: Did your family support your riding growing up?

Trey: Ya 100%! They were always super into it and did anything it took for me to have fun!

Michael: Since you grew up riding BMX, how do you think this affected your life?

Trey: It definitely gave me a different approach to life and taught to not be so cautious about the little things and just focus on having a good time.

Michael: What influences your riding?

Trey: I guess people that do there own thing and aren′t influenced by people around them because it makes me realize you don′t have to do what′s cool to have fun.

Growing Up in BMX: The Trey Jones Interview

Michael: You just finished high school, how was it going to school and balancing riding bikes?

Trey: It got it hard sometimes when I would be out of school for more than a week at a time but my senior year I got to do school online which helped a ton!

Michael: Has BMX changed for you since you started riding?

Trey: Bmx is still the same concept of having fun with your friends to me. In a few ways it has gotten a little different but its still the same thing and it always will be.

Michael: Do you have any projects in the works you′d like to tell us about?

Trey: I got a few things going on with Shadow that should be out soon and I′ve been filming for the full-length cult video but other than that, nothing much

Michael: Anything else?

Trey: Thanks especially to my awesome girlfriend, Rohanna Christie and my family, also thanks to Robbie Morales and Ronnie B for helping me out so much! Also thank to Ryan Chadwick, Jerry Badders, Chad DeGroot, Everyone at 71n