July 2011

Facebook Monitoring and Restriction Software from Retina-X

Jacksonville, U.S.A. — Retina-X Studios, a monitoring software publisher, has released AceSpy v6.0 for Windows. Among several new features is full Facebook monitoring and restriction. The software allows parents to silently monitor and restrict Facebook and other social media websites…. Continue Reading →

Turkey’s Anti-Abortion Protests: A Feminist Speaks Up Part 1

Turkey has recently been plagued by a series of protests after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced that his government and party€“ the AKP Party€“ would push through a bill that would ban abortion after the first 4-6 weeks of pregnancy…. Continue Reading →

Beach Sand Unsafe, According to Study

A recent study shows that beach sand contains pathogens (bacteria) that pose a risk to adults and children and can cause illness and disease, such as skin infections and gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. The U.S.′s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has formulated… Continue Reading →

US Pollution Control Shows Success

Louisville, U.S.A. – Eco Power Solutions, the leading provider of advanced multi-pollutant emissions control systems, demonstrated the success of its COMPLY 2000 technology during a Coal-Gen tour of its Technology Center on Tuesday, August 14. The Center’s coal unit removed nearly… Continue Reading →

Discovery Channel′s "Ghost Town Gold"

Putting the boom back in boomtown, Discovery Channel′s new series “Ghost Town Gold” follows two modern day explorers, Brit Eaton and Scott Glaves, as they track down priceless treasures of the Old West. From 19th century denim jeans to Wild West… Continue Reading →

Visiting Hawaii with Different Expectations

Pharaoh′s Throat Was Slit, Study Finds

A team of scientists has shed light on one of the most abiding mysteries of ancient Egypt: what happened to Pharaoh Ramesses III? Ramesses, who reigned from approximately 1186 BCE-1155 BCE, is regarded by Egyptologists as Egypt′s last great monarch…. Continue Reading →

2012 AIDS Walk at Orange County Disneyland Resort

AIDS Services Foundation Orange County (ASF) announced that the Disneyland Resort will once again serve as the venue for AIDS Walk Orange County. The 26th annual walk takes place Sunday, May 6. Five thousand supporters are expected to attend and enjoy… Continue Reading →

U.K. Government Release Documents Related to UFOs

The British National Archives recently released a series of 8,500 previously classified documents that discuss sightings of unidentified flying objects dating back to the 1950′s.  The 35 large files, available online , primarily cover the time period between 1997-2005. The… Continue Reading →

Austria: Wiener-Charta for a Harmonious Living Together

The so-called Wiener-Charta is one of the most important projects undertaken by the current ruling coalition in Vienna, Austria – the SPÖ (the Austrian Social Democratic Party) and Greens Party. It aims to provide the most essential principles for a harmonious… Continue Reading →

Gomez Snags Only Goal in Heated Opening Match against Portugal

Thanks to a late goal from the talented Mario Gomez, Germany was able to snag the victory against Portugal with 17 minutes left in the match, leaving them tied at the top of the Group B standings with Denmark. In… Continue Reading →

Eileen Fleming Announces Road Trip and Her Fourth Book

Florida, U.S.A. — Eileen Fleming, a no party affiliated candidate for Florida’s new congressional District 5 explained, “I thrive on challenges and one of them is making a community out of the new District 5 and I begin with a three… Continue Reading →

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