August 2011

India’s Sexual Minorities Fight for Equality

New Dehli, India – In a national event organized by Pehchan, Hijras highlight discrimination and demand equality for their community. Stakeholders from government, media, policy bodies, the transgender and hijra community, and civil society came together on June 2nd for the first… Continue Reading →

The Great Transformation: Davos 2012

The World Economic Forum (WEF), based in Geneva, have been meeting up for their yearly convention on January 25 and will be concluding the exclusive gathering on January 29. The WEF was established in 1971 and is an independent international… Continue Reading →

UEFA Euro 2012: Greek Revival Not Enough Against Determined Czechs

The Czech Republic, who were humbled in their opening game against Russia, took on Greece at the Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw, Poland in search of their opening win in the tournament. It did not take long before the Czech fans… Continue Reading →

How Far Can Someone Push Apple Store′s Hospitality?

The general image of the Apple Store is to €œdo what you want so long as you don′t break or steal anything.€ To see just how far he could go, comedian Mark Malkoff pulled some interesting pranks on one Apple… Continue Reading →

Iranian Olympics Fever: Three Days of Medals

Iran is forever in the news, whether for its bold statements on the West or its tête-à-tête with Israel. By courtesy of the Iranian Olympians, Iran is in the news for positive reasons right now. One should put aside the… Continue Reading →

World’s First Children’s Storybook App With Sign Language

Los Angeles, U.S.A. — On November 15, ITV announced the launch of the world’s first animated storytelling app with British and American Sign Language. The Signed Stories app is designed to make reading fun for all children. “ITV is proud… Continue Reading →

"Drag Racing: Bike Edition" Now Available on iOS

The Drag Racing game series by Creative Mobile has millions of fans and became a definite hit on Google Play. Drag Racing: Bike Edition is one of those games. Thanks to easy and captivating gameplay, it achieved great popularity among… Continue Reading →

Discovering Edgar Allan Poe in New €˜The Raven′

Edgar Allan Poe′s masterpieces of the macabre are the first taste many high school students get of classic American literature. During his short lifetime, Poe became an international celebrity, a fixture in the saloons of New York City and a… Continue Reading →

"Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D" New on Nintendo 3DS

Teyon, a video games developer and digital publisher, announced on September 10, 2012, that the successful WiiWare series, Heavy Fire, is coming back with another installment on a new platform. Gun down enemies in Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D on… Continue Reading →

Bruce Robinson: €˜Hunter S. Thompson is a Hip Orwell′

Cinema-goers can soon enjoy the screen adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson′s Caribbean  adventure The Rum Diary. But before Johnny Depp stepped into the shoes of Paul Kemp, writer and director Bruce Robinson stepped into those of Thompson. Robinson first became… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA

A divided Supreme Court has struck down the controversial Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibited the federal government from conferring benefits on same-sex couples and allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions. The case arose… Continue Reading →

Politicized Department Of Justice Blocks Texas Voter ID Law

The Department of Justice sent a letter rejecting Texas’ voter identification law saying Hispanic voters in the state are as much as 120% more likely than non-Hispanic voters to lack a driver’s license or personal state-issued photo ID. “The announcement… Continue Reading →

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