February 2012

Number of Insolvencies Rises in Eurozone and Improves in US

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Atradius, one of the leading global credit insurance companies anticipates an increase in insolvencies across most developed markets. The Eurozone led slowdown in global growth and the tight financing conditions make it more difficult for businesses to… Continue Reading →

New Line of Skylanders Giants Electronics From Sakar

Dallas, U.S.A — Sakar International, a manufacturer of tech, toy and consumer electronics products, announced on October 2, a licensing agreement with Activision Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, to create a line of accessories that feature the… Continue Reading →

World′s Most Expensive Billboard

Every day we see new developments in advertising ideas to attract the viewer’s eye.  The more creative the advertising idea, the higher the price to pay. From that, SkyDive ,the sky diving company in Dubai and Go Fast , the energy drinks manufacturer from… Continue Reading →

Sharm el Sheikh is Just Perfect for You and Your Family!

2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show Raises Awareness for Children′s Safety

Safe Kids Pennsylvania announced that they will exhibit at the 2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show to reach thousands of parents and caregivers with information about preventing childhood injuries. The games for children, engaging activities, curricula for teachers, and resources for parents… Continue Reading →

Will The All-Time Home Run Crown Be Forever Tainted?

Stars Continue Winning Streak With a Win Against Anaheim

The Dallas Stars continue winning with a five game winning streak after defeating the Anaheim Ducks 3-1 on Friday night. Loui Eriksson scored two goals and one assist, and Mike Ribeiro also scored for Dallas. Kari Lehtonen also played an… Continue Reading →

The Economy: The American Voter’s Determinant for President

With the 2012 election season in full swing, the economy continues to be one of the biggest factors impacting Americans’ choice for president, with 49 percent saying their vote in November will be most influenced by the issue of jobs… Continue Reading →

American Development Expert Abducted in Lahore, Pakistan

In the early hours of Saturday, a group of unknown assailants forced their way into the house of US-citizen Warren Weinstein, an expert in international development who has been working in Pakistan for at least five years. After overpowering security… Continue Reading →

Cameron Pledges to Get ‘Tough But Intelligent’ on Crime

David Cameron gave a speech in London November 23, in which he said that he will be “tough but intelligent” on crime. He said crime should not be viewed in terms of black and white, either lock them all up… Continue Reading →

Champions League 2011: Clinical Chelsea Stun Genk

Former English champions Chelsea recorded a comfortable victory at home over Belgium side Genk tonight, winning 5-0 to cement their place at the top of the group. With the home crowd cheering them on, Chelsea got off to an electric… Continue Reading →

Texas Hosts Chinese Student-Pilots

Half way around the world, the Chinese student-pilots are preparing for a lifelong career in aviation, in America. Twenty four Chinese international-student-pilots from Capital, Shenzhen, Szhehuan and Tianjin Airlines are getting their flight training by the US Aviation Academy at… Continue Reading →

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