May 2012

Get to Know Amish on Breaking Amish TV Show

New York, U.S.A. – – In a world where “plain” is considered a compliment, TLC will pull back the curtains to reveal the strict traditions of the Amish/Mennonite religion and lifestyle as cameras follow five people who have chosen to… Continue Reading →

Daisy Head: Aspiring Starlet in Conversation

It is easy to see why Daisy Head may very well have the world at her feet. She is the daughter of well-known actor Anthony Head, and her sister Emily is becoming one of the faces of The Inbetweeners, playing… Continue Reading →

International Jazz Day: Recalling Jazz Legends

For jazz lovers, jazz musicians and jazz musician lovers, April 30 was declared “The international jazz day.“   Jazz music has been bringing people together in harmony for more than a century, starting with the “Blue Note” that served as a… Continue Reading →

Italy, Is This the Country of Indecency and Immorality?

From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, all around the world we hear stories about ministers and politicians’ resignation. Last recent case in Europe occurred in Germany where the Defense Minister, Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg, has resigned in consequence of… Continue Reading →

1001 Crosswords for Nintendo DS in Stores November 2

Wired Productions and Mastertronic have joined forces to bring you 1001 Crosswords – the first Nintendo DS game with 1001 unique and cryptic crosswords Full of teasing crosswords from the UK′s leading national newspapers,  this new collection contains an incredible 1001 puzzles of all levels… Continue Reading →

‘Alcohol Bomb’ Gains Popularity in Korea, Raises Concerns

The “alcohol bomb” has become more popular among young Korean people, raising concerns about possible harmful effects on the body. In Korea, alcohol bombs have usually been made with the combination of whiskey and beer or soju and beer, but… Continue Reading →

London Olympics Leads Businesses to Evaluate their Visibility

Oxford, England — With the Games well under way this summer, businesses have been given a unique opportunity to evaluate the way they communicate internally and externally in the face of challenging outside influences. It has been reported that some… Continue Reading →

Was Barbie Dumped Wrongfully? Questioning Sustainable Forestry Advocacy

Last Tuesday, Greenpeace activists made a bold announcement outside of Mattel headquarters in Los Angeles by hanging a massive sign announcing to the world that Ken was breaking up with Barbie. The sign read €œBarbie, it’s over. I don’t date… Continue Reading →

Yankees Receive a Shellacking From the Red Sox

For the Yankees, last week′s three game series against the Red Sox was as disastrous on the field as it was off.  The Yankees got pulverized all three games due to bad at-bats and bad pitching. The first game in… Continue Reading →

Marvell Scott: Massage is Great Treatment for Muscle Injury

New York, U.S.A. — Although the art of massage is an ancient technique, its medical implications are only now being fully assessed. According to a recent article from, a new study from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center… Continue Reading →

Johanna Orozco, Dating Violence, and How it′s Making a Difference

On April 17th, Johanna Orozco, an advocate for the prevention of dating violence, spoke to high school students at Salem Senior High School in Salem, Ohio. Orozco addressed warning signs to look out for, which could indicate an abusive relationship,… Continue Reading →

AAA’s Releases Safety Tips to Reduce Fatalities

AAA’s “School’s Open €“ Drive Carefully” awareness campaign was launched in 1946 in an effort to prevent school-related child pedestrian traffic crashes€”helping kids to live fulfilling, injury-free lives. In addition to the campaign, AAA has teamed up with Richard Scarry’s… Continue Reading →

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