June 2012

Balance of Power: AFC North

Vampire Diaries, They Drink Blood and Cause Swooning Across Australia

They are now officially everywhere in Australia. In addition to the Twilight series causing young girls to drool at the thought of men twinkling gently in the daylight, there are other vampires stalking and smoldering across our television screens. For… Continue Reading →

Olympic Make-over: Wanna Feel As Confident as an Olympian?

Los Angeles, U.S.A. – The 2012 Summer Olympics have ended, and the world’s greatest competitors have showcased their abilities in London. Americans and people from every country were watching and rooting for their greatest sports stars. Because these are the summer… Continue Reading →

“The Vow” Tops The New York Times Non-Fiction Best-Seller List

The Vow, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter’s amazing, true story of faith and commitment and the inspiration behind the No. 1 movie in the country, topped the New York Times non-fiction best-seller list in its first week of re-release. From B&H Publishing Group, The… Continue Reading →

Lacrosse Announced as the Fastest Growing US Sport

Minneapolis, U.S.A. – Lacrosse, which has been the nation’s fastest growing sport for years, will be added to the product mix at the 15th annual Let’s Play Hockey International Expo in Las Vegas, October 16-17, 2012. According to the National… Continue Reading →

Small Town Boys Live Out A Dream

Living out your dreams can have some limits in a town with 300 people and no stoplights. For Michael Hollinger, Bodie Hope, and Dylan “Rocky” Riley, three young men from Arkansas, the chance to live out one of their dreams became reality and… Continue Reading →

Kent State′s Annual College Fest Gets Totally Out of Control

It comes but once a year, Kent State′s annual €˜College Fest,′ where College Street, located right off Kent State University, is closed down for party-goers to have a block party. However, this was not your typical Saturday at Kent State,… Continue Reading →

Iggy and The Stooges: Back with Ready to Die – Album Review

The highly anticipated new Iggy and The Stooges album ‘Ready to Die’, released on Fat Possum Records, arrived one week in advance, pleasingly surprising the tons of fans who were craving the new work of the Godfather of Punk and his… Continue Reading →

Obama Accuses Romney of Not Releasing His Tax Returns

President Obama is blaming Romney of not releasing his tax returns. But the criticism goes further. Democrats suggest that Romney is evading taxes. Denounce have been made throughout a video that Obama’s department has elaborated. The video shows some video… Continue Reading →

British Medical Journal of Institutional Research Accused of Misconduct

Dr. David Lewis, internationally known whistleblower and respected expert on institutional fraud, released a report calling for a formal investigation into the practices of the British Medical Journal and, specifically, into the actions of its editor, Dr. Fiona Godlee, and… Continue Reading →

Sands Cotai Central Hosts "A Night of Stars"

Macao, China — Throngs of fans lined up at Sands Cotai Central Saturday evening, hoping to catch a glimpse of the glittering array of celebrities walking the red carpet on their way to a VIP gala dinner at Sheraton Macao Hotel,… Continue Reading →

Link Between Fatty Foods and Depression Discovered

A recent study run by scientists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada has confirmed a link between consumption of sugary foods (doughnuts, cakes, etc.) and fast food (French fries, hamburgers, pizza, etc.)… Continue Reading →

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