April 2013

Cloud Computing Seen as Key to Business Issues in UK

London, UK — The cloud as a standalone IT improvement solution is a top priority for 40% of UK enterprises, yet it is seen as a means to solve key business issues by 75% of UK managers. Two out of… Continue Reading →

Building a Modern Ukrainian Tourist City

“In the next three and a half years, essentially, a completely new tourist city will emerge near Yevpatoria,” stated the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov after the conference Inside Ukraine, organized by… Continue Reading →

Weiner′s Resignation and the Double Standard of the GOP

Beyond: Two Souls Reviewed Part 2: Little Gameplay Makes for Not Enough Game

In part one, we talked about €œBeyond: Two Souls€ cinematic experience and half of its gameplay. Here we will delve into the three different ways to play the game. The first way to play €œBeyond: Two Souls€ is the straight… Continue Reading →

Marvel Comic’s Cinematic Universe

Marvel has brought their comic book characters to the big screen for a long time. Marvel has brought out one film every year since 2002, starting with “Spider-man.” Since then, we have seen many Marvel character adaptations, including Daredevil, the… Continue Reading →

Consumer Watchdog Laud’s European Action on Google Policy

Consumer Watchdog recently praised European data protection authorities for asking Google to delay implementation of its new privacy and data policies and said the U.S. Federal Trade Commission should determine whether the new policies violate the terms of Google’s consent… Continue Reading →

St. Pete Brasserie, Downtown St. Pete′s Piece of France

Located in the middle of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, USA, under a stand-out crimson canopy, is a local restaurant putting a more affordable €“ and not to mention delicious – flair on the usual European cuisine. Our first impression… Continue Reading →

Cannes 2012: First Dane Takes Best Actor Prize

It was an elated and humbled Mads Mikkelsen who accepted the price for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival this past weekend. The 46-year old Dane had his big break in Denmark, as Tonny in Nicolas Winding Refn′s €˜Pusher′… Continue Reading →

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety: Adopt Responsible Driving Habits in 2012

A recent national survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety confirms that Americans desire a greater level of safety than they now experience on our roads and are open to more government action to make it happen. Yet, many… Continue Reading →

World’s Largest National Golf Fundraising Event Launches

Toronto, Canada — The announcement of what is destined to be the world’s largest golf fundraising event ever: Golf to Conquer Cancer presented by Harry Rosen. On a single day, this one-of-a-kind nationwide fundraising event will unite thousands of Canadian… Continue Reading →

Texas’ Sonogram Law Ruling is a Big Victory for Pro-Lifers

On January 10, 2012, Liberty Institute announced a major pro-life victory when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit declared constitutional the recently enacted Texas Sonogram Law, also known as HB 15. The Fifth Circuit’s decision overturned a… Continue Reading →

Todd Akin’s Comments on ‘Legitimate’ Rape Spark Condemnation

Todd Akin, a Republican running for Congress in Missouri, recently said that according to his knowledge as he′d heard it from doctors, the female body has ways to shut down a pregnancy if a rape wasn′t €˜legitimate.’ His comments have… Continue Reading →

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