May 2013

Lindsay Lohan: How She Went From Big Screen to SCRAM

Can the Denver Broncos Go 16-0?

Through the first three weeks of the NFL Regular Season, Denver Broncos′ quarterback Peyton Manning has thrown for 12 touchdowns, 1,143 yards, no interceptions, and currently has a passer rating of 134.7. The season may still be young, but if… Continue Reading →

Novac Djokovic Wins US Open in Epic Final

Novac Djokovic wins US Open in an unbelievable performance.Djokovic. the Worlds′ number 1 showed no weakness during most of the match against Rafael Nadal. Djokovic′s forehand reigned supreme over Nadal′s signature powerful backhand.In the third set , €˜the King of… Continue Reading →

Planets Much More Common than Stars, Astronomers Say

Astronomers part of the international collaboration Probing Lensing Anomalies NETwork (PLANET) calculated the approximate number of planets based on statistical analyses from multiple surveys gathered from observatories, institutions, and ground-based telescopes, including NASA’s spacecraft Kepler, the European Southern Observatory (ESO),… Continue Reading →

Largest-ever Fundraiser for Mental Health to Be Held in Canada

Montreal, Canada – Bell announced on August 21 it will be presenting the largest-ever fundraising event for mental health in Québec. Bal des Lumières, to be held March 20, 2013, at the Bell Centre in Montréal will raise funds for the… Continue Reading →

Surfing The Internet While Driving is On The Rise

Many motorists are aware of the risks associated with distracted driving; however, drivers continue to engage in this dangerous practice. Various news sources have detailed the hazards associated with texting, eating or talking on the phone while driving. However, sources report… Continue Reading →

Super 8: J.J. Abrams Goes €˜Spielberg′

New Research Reveals The Health Benefits of Music

San Francisco, U.S.A. — Music has been incorporated into medical practice since before the ancient Greeks. However, though practitioners have been convinced of music’s health benefits for thousands of years, there had been little peer-reviewed research to back them up…. Continue Reading →

An Inside Look at the Greek Protests

Ludwig Van Beethoven: The Silence Behind The Music

March 26, 1778 was the day Ludwig Van Beethoven’s music started invading ears. It was his first performance was a barely eight years old child. 49 years later on that same day March 26th , Beethoven passes away. Ludwig was… Continue Reading →

Bleak Year Ahead for Netflix

As of November, Netflix′s shares closed at $64.92, a gaping fall from a high of $304.79 in July. The jaw-dropping descent of the popular American DVD-rental and online video streaming service, is attributed to a number of egregious errors committed by… Continue Reading →

Ryan Giggs Does Not Sing God Save The Queen UK Anthem

Ryan Giggs made history on Sunday 28th by becoming the oldest player to score a goal in the soccer category of an Olympic tournament. The Manchester United player was 38 years and 243 days old when he scored the goal… Continue Reading →

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