August 2013

Are You A Shopaholic?

INTERPOL’s Red Notice Helps to Hunt International Fugitives

Dallas, U.S.A-From its headquarters in Lyon, France, INTERPOL’s police network spans its 190 member countries enabling it to consistently assist in the pursuit of fugitives for both high profile and lesser-known crimes. As a result of years of films and novels… Continue Reading →

Colleen Atwood, The Rum Diary is Dressed to Impress

With nine Academy Award Nominations and two time Academy Award wins, costume designer Colleen Atwood seems the perfect choice for the upcoming period movie The Rum Diary. According to the leading man Johnny Depp, producer Patrick McCormick, and co-producer Peter… Continue Reading →

Wimbledon 2011

City Ranking of Online Flirting Place Athens at Top

A recent research made from the social website has shown that Athens is the first country to lead the list that ranks numbers of online flirt relations per month and user. Despite the fact that Paris is said to… Continue Reading →

US Department of Labor Supports Women in Nontraditional Occupations

The U.S. Department of Labor announced the availability of approximately $1.8 million for up to six grants through the Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations program. “These grants offer women the opportunity to gain skills in industries that will continue to grow… Continue Reading →

GOP Debate: The Michele Bachmann Show

It is weird political time that we live in where potential candidates can participate in a debate even though they have not announced their candidacy. Participants in debates answer questions about presidential policy so it is odd to have politicians… Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression Kidnapped in South America

South America is facing the worst wave of press censorship since the authoritarian military dictatorships of the 1970′s. Several leaders of Latin American countries have introduced mechanisms to censor the freedom of speech and freedom of the press of their… Continue Reading →

Renewable Energy: Germany Maps Out New Financing Plan

Germany recently passed the 20 percent mark for renewable energy in the electricity mix. And the federal KfW bank group has introduced a new plan to further accelerate this shift to renewables, with increases in multimillion euro business loans now… Continue Reading →

Mysterious Egyptian Statue Spins on its Own

While movies such as €˜Night at the Museum′ speculate in the imaginative idea that there could actually be life in the miniatures and artifacts displayed on the museum shelves, more eerie and much more real events than a cuddly dinosaur… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Medicare Locals

AFC North – Ravens To Soar, Steelers To Struggle

The AFC North was undoubtedly one of the most competitive divisions in the National Football League last season with three teams making it to the playoffs. With only the AFC West seemingly more competitive, where literally any of the four… Continue Reading →

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