September 2013

Colombian Epifanía: The Revelation of a Band

Recently, Toonari Post had an interview with Melissa Anaya, the drummer of the newly formed Colombian rock band Epifanía, located in Barranquilla. The band is currently making a name for themselves through the music scene at universities and schools locally. Toonari… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of the Voting Rights Act

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has invalidated the coverage formula used to determine whether certain states or political subdivisions need to seek permission from federal authorities before making any change to their electoral law (a requirement known as… Continue Reading →

Glocation and Greentailing €“ Trends in Retail

Glocation and Greentailing – these two terms are not directly related to each other but both are popular trends in retail that refer to understanding and satisfying society and customers′ needs. Glocation and Greentailing appear in business as answers to… Continue Reading →

RIM: Blackberry Usage Decreasing

Research in Motion’s / (RIM) supply dramatically dropped during the after-hours sales, following Blackberry′s recent release of its plans to change the process of charging fees. RIM announced they lost subscribers for the first time in the recent quarter as Blackberry… Continue Reading →

2012 Sequel of The Australian Audio & AV Show

Sydney, Australia – Following its highly successful launch in Melbourne last year, this is the first time Australia has hosted a show on this scale for two consecutive years; and it’s likely to continue with the return to Melbourne next year. Exhibitions are enjoying a revival due to… Continue Reading →

Discovery Channel’s Curiosity Series Returns in October

Los Angeles, U.S.A. — Last fall, the Discovery Channel introduced viewers to an unprecedented new series that brought the ‘I wonder?’ moment to television with a unique array of provocative subjects. We explored Atlantis, the sinking of the Titanic, and… Continue Reading →

Marijuana Remains Classified as €œHighly Dangerous€

The U.S. federal government ruled last week that marijuana has no accepted medical use, despite the growing body of evidence suggesting otherwise. Proponents of medical marijuana have advocated for nine years that the drug be declassified. Instead, the D.E.A. decided… Continue Reading →

Redskins Fall to Panthers in Hard Fought Battle

The Carolina Panthers had their first comfortable game against the Washington Redskins, leading in the score all four quarters to win 33-20. The Redskins put up a strong fight to stay with the Panthers throughout the game. John Beck threw… Continue Reading →

Ten Movies You Never Watched But Should (Part 1)

With movies so plentiful these days, it is easy for small gems to slip between the cracks at the box office. To remedy that, we have prepared a list of ten niche films that you should see. Rev up your Netflix queues… Continue Reading →

In Tampa for the GOP? Expect Traffic and Road Closures

Tampa, U.S.A. — This month’s Republican National Convention is expected to bring approximately 50,000 visitors to Tampa and drive delay times on the city’s major roads by 18 percent. The insight, released today by INRIX, the largest global traffic intelligence… Continue Reading →

Insane Clown Posse to Sue the FBI for Gang Classification

€œAs many of you may have heard, the federal government has indicated in official public reports that Psychopathic Records recording artists the Insane Clown Posse′s fan base, the Juggalos, is a criminal gang emerging throughout the United States. On behalf… Continue Reading →

UFOs Spotted Over Chicago

Three UFOs were recently captured on video flying over the U.S. city of Chicago, Illinois.  In a video that lasts for nearly 15 minutes, an alleged UFO is seen hovering in the sky above a grocery store parking lot.  The… Continue Reading →

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