January 2014

Magic Blow Out Raptors Behind Anderson’s Eight 3-Pointers

Orlando Magic forward Ryan Anderson was on absolute fire Monday night, making a career-high eight three-pointers and leading all scorers with 28 points as the Magic (32-18) made their way just north of the border and rolled over the Toronto… Continue Reading →

€˜Green′ Mercedes S400 Introduced by L.A.’s Top Limousine Service

The Mercedes S400 hybrid proves you don’t have to sacrifice an iota of luxury to reduce your carbon footprint. The €˜S′ in the Mercedes S-Class series stands for sonderklasse, German for “special class” €“ a truly apt nomenclature for a… Continue Reading →

Urban Outfitters Under Fire for Use of Hamsa Symbol

Over the years, Urban Outfitters, a store best known for catering to hipster culture and fashion, has managed to offend quite a number of groups including the Jews, African Americans, Native Americans, and the gay community. The last controversy stirred… Continue Reading →

Men in Black 3 Benefits from New VFX Challenges

Culver City, U.S.A – In ‘Men in Black 3′, Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back … in time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not… Continue Reading →

Levon Helm of ‘The Band’ dead at 71

Levon Helm, drummer and singer of €˜The Band′ has died at the age of 71. After a battle with cancer, he passed away on April 19 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Larry Campbell, Helm′s guitarist, told… Continue Reading →

Mental Illness in Young Australians

The Medical Journal of Australia has published an article revealing anxiety and depressive disorders are the leading cause of disability in young Australians. The researchers analysed data from 170 different diseases and injuries for the article. Anxiety and depression was… Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania Invests $4 Million in Health Research Grants

Pennsylvania, U.S.A. — Department of Health Secretary Dr. Eli N. presented on August 21 nearly $4 million in Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement Program, or CURE, grants to support two research projects focused on esophageal cancer treatment and advancing detection of abdominal aortic aneurysms…. Continue Reading →

€œHalo 4: Forward Unto Dawn€ Series is Live

London, UK €“ On October 5, Microsoft and 343 Industries announced the launch of the series premiere of the highly anticipated live-action series, €œHalo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,€ on Machinima′s new premium channel, Machinima Prime, and Halo Waypoint. The groundbreaking digital… Continue Reading →

France Takes an Unexpected Seat at Rugby World Cup 2011

With the Rugby World Cup Final just days away, the French seem an unfit match for New Zealand’s strong team. France making it into the Rugby World Cup was an unusual feat. The team lost greatly to New Zealand in the… Continue Reading →

Natural Pro Bodybuilder – Dr Layne Norton Interview [Part One]

Not only is Layne Norton a professional bodybuilder with the IFPA and NGA, but he has also successfully obtained his PHD in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Illinois. Layne has also won competitions in power-lifting, a passion of his which compliments… Continue Reading →

"Are You Fan Enough" Campaign Continues

Portland, U.S.A. €“ On October 8, Energy Forward opened voting for college football fans in Idaho as part of the “Are You Fan Enough” campaign, encouraging Northwest residents to look for the “Most Efficient” sticker when shopping for new TVs. Energy Forward is… Continue Reading →

Santorum’s Anti-Science Agenda Should Concern Republicans

In 1988 the scientific community established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a forum for sharing their concerns about documented €“ and disturbing – changes in global weather patterns. By 1997 the evidence of climate change was so convincing… Continue Reading →

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