June 2014

The Ten Commandments For Spring, A New Style Guide from Spain

With the arrival of spring comes a new style guide from Spain to inspire your wardrobe for the season. The style is greatly inspired by the 70′s but will surely get you pumped up for 2011. These are the ten… Continue Reading →

NASA Lunar Spacecraft Named by Winning Montana Students

Twin NASA spacecraft that achieved orbit around the moon New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day have new names thanks to elementary students in Bozeman, Montana. Their winning entry, “Ebb and Flow,” was selected as part of a nation-wide school… Continue Reading →

Ke$ha: The Get $leazy Tour

Former CIA’s Hold Campaign to Fight Politicization of Intelligence

Washington, U.S.A. — Former CIA and Special Operations members are announcing the creation of OPSEC, a new nationwide public campaign to combat the spike in leaks and politicization of Intelligence and Special Operations missions that threaten their effectiveness and the… Continue Reading →

Whistle While You Flirt: International Flirting Week 2013

Valentine′s Day may bring a negative awareness to singles, but International Flirting Week deters those negative feelings to jump start an ongoing positive streak of flirting. Robin Gorman Newman, The Love Coach and creator of International Flirting Week, gives the ins… Continue Reading →

Future of Power Plant Services in the Emerging Economies’ Hands

Power plant services represent a growing market that offers steady revenues and solid growth, in contrast with the much more cyclical market for new-build power stations. Fastest growing regions of China, India and ASEAN to account for almost quarter of… Continue Reading →

Henry Hill Keeps Mob Glamour Alive

The death of Henry Hill on Tuesday, June 12 might not have caused the uproar that the recent deaths of other celebrities has caused; however, Hill′s death might allow one to reflect upon the attention he gave to a secret…. Continue Reading →

The Christmas Spirit: Compassion a Mountain Worth Climbing

After reading Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Tracy Kidder, one word comes to mind; compassion. For the main character Farmer this seems to mean not only the standard definition but a break down in words. In my opinion, if we come passionately… Continue Reading →

Custom Textbook Creation for Open Educational Resources

Sacramento, U.S.A. — On October 15, the 20 Million Minds Foundation announced the launch of 20 Million Minds Mix – a custom-textbook platform which allows faculty to remix, revise, and repurpose open content to deliver more affordable learning materials to students. Powered by AcademicPub, 20MMix… Continue Reading →

"Margaret Watkins: Domestic Symphonies" Exhibition

Ottawa, Canada — Starting Friday, October 5, the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) will unveil the first retrospective exhibition of the work of Canadian photographer, Margaret Watkins. Watkins gained a reputation in the world of art and advertising during the 1920s, with her… Continue Reading →

‘This Means War’ Review: Something for Both Him and Her

€˜This Means War′, starring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy and directed by McG, is an action romantic comedy about two CIA agents who accidentally start dating the same girl. Despite having a contrived coincidence plot, the film itself, released early… Continue Reading →

YOMYOMF Champions Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign

Washington, U.S.A. — Truth, the nation’s largest youth smoking prevention campaign, is teaming up with the brand new and increasingly popular YouTube channel You Offend Me You Offend My Family (YOMYOMF) Network by having a presence at the finale of… Continue Reading →

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