August 2014

Assassin′s Creed III Releases Boston City Demo

The Assassin′s Creed III Boston city demo has been released and it shows that Ubisoft has really upped their game. The game play demonstrated in the demo shows more organic mechanics that allow more realistic maneuvers and actions than ever… Continue Reading →

Star Power for the Love of Reading

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the country, is launching “Book People Unite,” a bold awareness campaign to focus a spotlight on children’s literacy nationwide. The campaign, anchored by a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) with… Continue Reading →

Obama Declares DREAM Act Is in Effect

Washington, U.S.A. – On 15 June the Obama administration announced a brazen usurpation of Congressional authority by using executive power to implement the DREAM Act. Effective immediately, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will grant deferred action and possible work authorization… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka Disregards Human Rights Abuse Issues in Own Report

The Sri Lankan government report by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission does not take into account the worst abuses perpetrated by government forces and does not advance accountability for the people victimized by Sri Lanka′s civil armed conflict, said… Continue Reading →

Amanda Knox Freed from Jail

News from Perugia, a small Italian town, shocked the world as reports of a misterious murder began to surface. Meredith Kercher, an exchange student from the United Kingdom, had been brutally murdered under suspicious circumstances. The case generated buzz among… Continue Reading →

UFO over Vancouver, Washington is a Kite

In February, there were reports of an unidentified flying object in the sky near Vancouver, Washington.  But, the mystery has been solved for now.  According to the owner, a Chinese-made kite was in the sky that night. During the UFO… Continue Reading →

Breaking Free of Adwords: When Will Small Businesses Embrace SEO?

It′s a fact: Google Adwords leads the market for content-sensitive web-based marketing solutions. However, as digital marketing becomes commonplace, lack of business competition and the intensification in competition for keywords, the cost of effective paid search has left many small… Continue Reading →

Housing Market Recovering in United States

The housing industry is staging a recovery with increasing sales and stabilizing prices, according to a national survey of RE/MAX agents.  Four out of five agents believe U.S. home prices won’t decline further. In fact, nearly 70% predict prices will… Continue Reading →

Several Deals Help Students Save on Textbooks

San Francisco, U.S.A.– Back-to-school time is just about here. The rush is on to get those last-minute school supplies, pack up the car, and shove off to each student’s college or university. College textbooks may be an afterthought until students… Continue Reading →

Survivorman Returns This August 19th on Discovery Channel

After almost four years, Survivorman returns to Discovery Channel on Sunday, August 19 that 8PM E/P for gripping all-new episodes. Filmmaker and outdoor adventurer Les Stroud once again ventures into the wild with no food, no water and no crew…. Continue Reading →

Houston Janitors Go On Strike to Fight for Living Wage

Houston, U.S.A. — The night of July 11, following a month of protests and one-day strikes across the city of Houston, hundreds of Houston janitors walked off the job in the first city-wide janitors’ strike since 2006. The janitors have… Continue Reading →

Texas is Leading the U.S. Economic Recovery

Austin, U.S.A. — In another example of how Texas is leading the nation’s economic recovery, the real estate market continues to show marked improvements over last year, according to the 2012-Q2 edition of the Texas Quarterly Housing Report issued today… Continue Reading →

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