October 2014

Scandalgate II: Obama Is Unpopular

Last week, the President got blind-sided by media focus on the latest CNN/ORC International poll. His approval hit an eighteen month low at 45%. An increasing distrust in the office propelled younger voters to continue the downward trajectory of national… Continue Reading →

Preseason Week One: Winners and Losers

Performances in the early days of preseason should always be treated with a fair amount of skepticism. For established veterans, these short appearances serve as nothing more than an aid to helping them get back into game shape, but for… Continue Reading →

Nirvana′s Incesticide Turns 20: Celebrate Uniqueness

On December 15, 1992 (December 14 in Europe) Nirvana released its compilation album Incesticide. Too often considered an underdog in Nirvana discography, this album is an excellent work by the band. After the astonishing success Nevermind acquired with its release… Continue Reading →

NFL Quarterback Shuffle

Around the middle of the NFL season, usually week 7-9, teams hit that proverbial fork in the road. Coaching staffs around the league have personnel decisions to make at the most important position, the starting QB. Option A is pretty… Continue Reading → Gay Billboard Taken Down

New York, U.S.A. — In the wake of President Obama’s recent backing of same-sex marriage and a Supreme Court decision looming, is launching Gay and Lesbian versions of its online dating site in a national show of support for… Continue Reading →

Gas Price Expected to Rise Up to $5 a Gallon or More in Next Five Years

With gasoline prices rising and prompting President Obama to address the issue in a speech in Florida on February 23, Americans expect prices to continue to hike up, according to a recent survey. The Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) Survey found that… Continue Reading →

"Together, We Are Feeding America" Hunger Awareness PSA

Chicago, U.S.A. — “Together we are Feeding America” is the message of a new series of radio public service advertisements (PSAs) unveiled on October 15, by Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, and the Ad Council. The PSAs feature… Continue Reading →

‘Christopher Columbus Was Polish’, Book Changes History

Warsaw, Poland – During the last few days Manuel Rosa, author of “Kolumb. Historia Nieznana,” a book published May 8, 2012 in Poland – translated from the Spanish book “Colon. La Historia Nunca Contada” – was a guest of REBIS… Continue Reading →

Dr. Sarah Parcak: Seventeen Lost Pyramids Found in Egypt

A groundbreaking satellite survey of Egypt has revealed a dizzying array of lost tombs and settlements, including 17 previously unknown pyramids. Dr. Sarah Parcak, an Egyptologist with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and her colleagues used infra-red satellite imagery… Continue Reading →

Nordion Conducts Internal Inquiry for Canadian Corruption Act

Ottawa, Canada — Nordion, a leading provider of products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, has disclosed that it is conducting an internal inquiry and investigation of a foreign supplier and related parties focusing on compliance… Continue Reading →

Massive Tornado Kills 117 People in Missouri

The deadliest single tornado since 1953 barreled down on Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, dividing the city in half. The death toll continues to rise and currently 117 people are believed to have lost their life in the massive twister. Missouri… Continue Reading →

New Ad Released by Coalition of Americans for Political Equality

Washington, U.S.A. – The Coalition of Americans for Political Equality (CAPE PAC) has released a new episode in their ad series titled “Fact vs. Fiction: Ted Cruz” which aims to get-out-the-vote campaign for former Solicitor General Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz for the… Continue Reading →

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