December 2014

Migraine Patients Part of New Study

Philadelphia, U.S.A. – Health Union, LLC, released the results of its landmark study “Migraine In America 2012“ via a live web conference. This patient survey was completed by over 2,600 migraine sufferers in May and June of this year and represents… Continue Reading →

Top Five Fall Fashion Things to Winterize Your Life

The change from Fall to Winter will soon be upon us and as the weather changes, so do clothing and accessories. Scarves and hats start coming out and later on, gloves as well. Boots replace regular shoes and long coats… Continue Reading →

Archdiocese of New York Schools Have a New Partner

New York, U.S.A. — Smart Tuition, the nation’s largest independently owned tuition management company, has announced that the Archdiocese of New York selected Smart to be its exclusive partner in tuition management for the new regional schools program. Smart was… Continue Reading →

Will Final Fantasy XV Have an Open World?

After the disappointment of Final Fantasy XIII and XIV, fans of the series have a new reason to look forward to future installments of the series. GameMaster UK reported earlier this week that a source has given them new information… Continue Reading →

The Stock Market is Riding High, but for How Long?

As the country prepares for the presidential election, there is one talking point President Obama′s team may use often. During his term, the stock market has regained the losses endured at the end of Bush′s term. It is a good… Continue Reading →

South Korea Elects First Female President

Park Geun-hye has been elected as South Korea′s 18th President on December 19. Park is the first-ever female president in the nation. Park garnered roughly 15.77 million votes, or 51.6 percent of ballots cast. She triumphed by a margin of 1.1 million votes over the main… Continue Reading →

Patriots Overcome 17-0 Halftime Deficit to Defeat Dolphins 27-24

The Dolphins were just 30 minutes away from pulling off a Christmas miracle in Foxborough. Tom Brady and the Patriots (12-3) came roaring back in the second half on Christmas Eve, erasing the Dolphins′ (5-10) 17-0 halftime lead as they would… Continue Reading →

Universal Pictures Search for New Musical Talent

Universal City, California, U.S.A. – Universal Pictures announced that it has begun the search for new talent to appear in “Starships,” the official music video for €˜Pitch Perfect′, the studio’s upcoming musical comedy that hits theaters on October 15. With the chance… Continue Reading →

Preseason Takeaways: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

The latest edition of the Harbaugh Bowl, a preseason opener between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, may not have carried the same importance as their last meeting, but there was plenty of interest and intrigue as the two… Continue Reading →

Shooting at Houston Strip Club Causes 3 Deaths

On June 20 around 3 A.M., several shots were fired outside of Score’s Cabaret Strip Club and the adjacent night club. At the time, around three hundred people were leaving the night club after a rap concert. Three people, one… Continue Reading →

Assange Interviews Recently Arrested Arab Spring Revolutionaries

Moscow, Russia – Two Arab Spring revolutionaries, Nabeel Rajab and Alaa Abd al-Fattah explain why the reform movements stalled in Bahrain and have destabilized in Egypt on the May 8th episode of “The World Tomorrow” on RT. Nabeel Rajab is the leading human rights activist from Bahrain and the founder of… Continue Reading →

Animals in Korea Suffer from Animal Hoarders

About two years ago a report by SBS, one of Korea′s top broadcasters, about a woman who went by the name of Jeon, shocked the nation. The house of 50-year-old Jeon reminded people of a dumping ground. About 50 dogs were cramped… Continue Reading →

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