January 2015

Lionsgate Expands Relationship With Grindstone And Emmett/Furla

Santa Monica, U.S.A. – Lionsgate and its Grindstone Entertainment Group and Emmett/Furla Films, a prolific producer of filmed entertainment featuring some of the leading actors and filmmakers in the industry, have renewed their slate deal for another 10 films and… Continue Reading →

In Time, ‘Live Forever or Die Trying’

In the not-so-distant future, people stop aging when they reach the age of 25. Will Salas lives in the poorest region, or time zone, named Dayton. He rarely has more than 24 hours on his body clock, and must work… Continue Reading →

Ja A. Jahannes: Tribute Poem For Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron was a poet in touch with the madness of the world and the sanity of the truth. I was fortunate to have known Gil, who we called €œSpiderman,€ when he was a student and I was a young… Continue Reading →

UK-bound Vikings and Steelers Desperate for a Win

The Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers meet at Wembley Stadium in London this weekend, as both teams seek to put an end to their miserable recent runs of form. Both teams came into the season confident of improving on their… Continue Reading →

Disney’s ‘Brave’ Inspires New Cargill Turkey Brands

Wichita, U.S.A — In a first-of-its-type marketing program for Cargill’s Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms turkey brands, the company created a nationwide holiday season promotional tie-in campaign with Walt Disney Studios to celebrate the November 13 release of the Blu-ray, hi-definition version… Continue Reading →

Tahrir Square, Road to Embassy Cleared After Days of Protests

Police arrested protesters in Tahrir Square and the roads leading to the U.S. Embassy early Saturday morning after days of protests over a video depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed as ruthless and a womanizer. Eyewitnesses claim that people were beaten… Continue Reading →

Attensity Shows Viewers Loved Rock of Ages Despite Numbers

Palo Alto, Calif.– Attensity, the leading provider of social analytics and engagement applications for Social CRM, has released an analysis of public reaction in social media to the movie, ‘Rock of Ages’. Using Attensity Analyze, the company’s social analytics application, Attensity identified… Continue Reading →

Lamb Of God Frontman, Randy Blythe, Accused Of Manslaughter

Randy Blythe, frontman of the heavy metal band from Virginia Lamb of God, was arrested on June 28 in Prague, Czech Republic, accused of manslaughter. The arrest happened shortly before the concert scheduled by Lamb of God at the Hard… Continue Reading →

Drug Use on the Rise: 22 Million American Take Illegal Drugs

A new study shows that nearly 9% of the American population use illegal drugs, including abuse of prescription drugs and regular use of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens or inhalants. According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health,… Continue Reading →

Mutants, Avengers and Venom All the Way from Marvel

Marvel fans rejoice! An array of new comics are on their way as you can join the hunt for Blink in this first look at New Mutants #35. Just as Dani Moonstar and her team have the renegade mutant fall… Continue Reading →

Bipartisan Legislation Aids Medicaid Providers

The president/CEO of the California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF) says a bipartisan congressional effort to ensure that Medicaid providers are paid in a timely manner is a necessary move, given California’s history of failing to pass a state budget… Continue Reading →

Enrique Iglesias Hits the Stage in Quito with his Tour Euphoria

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