February 2015

Warrior Designs the New Uniform of Liverpool FC

Liverpool, England – Football brand stamps its mark with cutting edge kit that redefines high performance Warrior  has officially unveiled its highly anticipated 2012/13 Liverpool FC home kit. Combining revolutionary design and technology, the new kit is a celebration of the… Continue Reading →

Russia Launches New Gas Link, Blow to Ukraine?

At the click of a single button, Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, opened the first Nord stream gas pipeline this week. The pipeline is located at the portovaya compressor station, along at the Russian-Finnish border. The 1220 km Nord Stream Pipeline was… Continue Reading →

Must-See Super Bowl XLVI Movie Trailers

With Super Bowl XLVI right around the corner, most fans are getting geared up for the game that will pit the New England Patriots against the New York Giants. However, a particularly large number of watchers are more excited for… Continue Reading →

Ja A. Jahannes: Piracy Off Somalia – An Analysis with Dr. Mohamed Mukhtar

Dr. Mohamed Mukhtar is a distinguished academician, author and scholar. He is Professor of history and Arabic, and interim chair, department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Savannah State University. Dr. Mukhtar is a two-time Fulbright Scholar; President and founder… Continue Reading →

Newton Breaks Rookie Passing Record in Panthers’ 48-16 Rout of Bucs

Move over Peyton Manning. The all-time rookie passing record set by the Colts quarterback back in 1998 was broken on Christmas Eve by the electrifying Cam Newton.Newton surpassed Manning′s mark of 3,739 yards with a 171 yard display in the… Continue Reading →

CBS′ Charming New Series €œElementary€

€œElementary€ is a modern day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Set in New York, Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) takes up the role of sober companion to Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller). Sherlock is a former drug addict and fresh out of rehab,… Continue Reading →

Hollywood ‘Hunger Games’: What Message is it Sending to Females?

Over the years, there has been a growing trend among Hollywood starlets, and it′s not their sense in fashion. The image of the it-girl is younger, taller and skinnier than ever. And with the social media growing at a rapidly fast… Continue Reading →

Vampire Creature El Chupacabra Legend Debunked

El Chupacabra, the infamous vampire creature first discovered in the mid-1990′s, is not real, according to one expert.  Well-published writer and skeptic Benjamin Radford, author of several books on monsters and paranormal phenomena and managing editor of the journal The… Continue Reading →

Arizona State University’s Roadmap to Zero Solid Waste

Waste Management of Arizona and Arizona State University (ASU) has announced their collaborative program “Roadmap to Zero Solid Waste” that aims to eliminate 90 percent or more of ASU’s solid waste by 2015. The program is being developed in three phases including waste… Continue Reading →

European Debt Crisis Explained 2.0

This year the world witnessed repercussions of the most disastrous and indecisive fiscal management in the Euro Zone that shattered one’s sense of security and disturbed the lives of millions of people. The debt crisis of a hand-full of members… Continue Reading →

After Weinergate Scandal, Did Congress Members Learn Anything?

Lady Gaga: An Album of Messages to The Little Monsters

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