April 2015

What has the Arab Spring Shown us?

Washington, U.S.A. — As World Population Day approaches, Wilson Center consultant and demographer Elizabeth Leahy Madsen says the Arab Spring demonstrates that countries with very young age structures are prone both to higher incidence of civil conflict and undemocratic governance…. Continue Reading →

Tears for Mandela, from London to Mecca

Tributes from across the world poured in as world came to terms with a loss of a great leader, Nelson Mandela on Thursday December 5, 2013. The former South African leader passed away at the age of 95. According to… Continue Reading →

Sports Fans Prefer Online News Sources According to Survey

Burlington, U.S.A. — Burst Media, a leading online media company and wholly owned subsidiary of blinkx, recently released the results of a survey about preferences and behaviors of sports fans as they relate to sports media. The online study, conducted in… Continue Reading →

Introducing Luxhair WOW by Daisy Fuentes

New York, U.S.A. — Model, fashion business mogul and international television personality, Daisy Fuentes, announced on October 15, the launch of Luxhair WOW by Daisy Fuentes, a full wardrobe of easy-to-use, accessible, fashionable hairstyles. Daisy’s hands-on role in designing these wigs and… Continue Reading →

China: Just Another BRIC in the Wall?

The acronym BRIC was coined by Jim O’Neill in his now-distant 2001 paper, but Brazil, Russia, India and China are still considered to be at a similar stage of economic development. The truth is, however, that the BRIC countries are not that alike. They have quite… Continue Reading →

2012 Asteroid to Return Next Year

Instead of coming back on December 21, 2012 – the infamous apocalyptic date – the newly discovered asteroid 2012 DA14 is not expected to return around February 15, 2013. For now, humanity can breathe easy. A group of amateur astronomers… Continue Reading →

Positive Living, A Guide

Life is not always easy and most people go through difficulties at least once in their lifetime. However, some people eventually realize as the years pass, that things happens for a reason. Distance, time and reflection are some of the… Continue Reading →

Relax in the Parks of New York City

Governor Corbett: K-Fab to Expand Operations Plus 50 Jobs

Harrisburg, U.S.A. — Governor Tom Corbett announced on October 22, that K-Fab will expand its operations to support new growth in the natural gas industry, increasing its employment to more than 300 in Berwick, Columbia County. “My administration is committed to growing the Pennsylvania economy and… Continue Reading →

Jason Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’ Unsure of Itself: Review

The question €œwhat makes an underachiever?€ has preoccupied parents, psychologists and educators since time immemorial. This hot button forms the intrigue for much of Jason Bateman′s directorial feature debut €˜Bad Words′, but it′s mere bait-and-switch for a barely-appropriate black comedy…. Continue Reading →

Health Insurance Estimations for Each County Released

Washington, U.S.A. — The U.S. Census Bureau has released 2010 estimates of health insurance coverage for each of the nation’s roughly 3,140 counties. Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) are the only source for single-year estimates of health insurance coverage status for… Continue Reading →

The War Stories Sci-fi Anthology Kickstarter Interview Part 2

In part 2 of the interview with the men behind the War Stories Kickstarter project, Andrew and Jaym discuss notable authors, the submission and publishing process as well as the anticipated delivery date. Toonari Post (TP): Who are some of the… Continue Reading →

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