Thoughts of remembrance and sadness resonated throughout the United States on September 11. Marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the terrorist attacks on America brought family members, friends, and different figures together to commemorated those who lost their lives just 10 years ago.

Even with talk of a potential threat by Al Qaeda for the 10th anniversary of September 11th, people gathered unfazed by the possibility and focused on the tribute to their loved ones. The day of commemoration started early Sunday morning, with New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg leading the ceremony with a moment of silence.

The moment was at 8:46AM, which represented the time in which the first plane flew into the North Tower. President Obama and the first lady were in New York at the world trade center as well, along with former president Bush and wife Laura Bush. The President led the country with a reading from Psalms 46, following a reading by Bush.

One tribute during the ceremony included a reading of the 2,983 names of those lost in the towers by family members. Children, wives, and friends gave speeches to commemorate their loved ones. In other parts of the country, people gathered as well to show their respects.

The president left New York to visit Shanksville Pennsylvania later in the day, the area that Flight 93 crashed on the day of September 11. The plane was en route to Washington D.C, but crashed by heroes on board that sacrificed their lives to save thousands of potential victims.

Mrs. Obama laid a wreath among the marble wall, which contained etched names of the victims on board Flight 93, and the President greeted guests. The site in Pennsylvania contains a boulder at the actual spot where the plane crashed. Saturday the 10th, former president Bill Clinton and George Bush visited Shanksville as well along with Vice President Joe Biden.

There they made speeches about the acts of heroism that the members on board portrayed on the day of 9/11. Bush said during his speech that the members on board Flight 93 committed “one of the most courageous acts in American history.” A bell rang for each of the 40 names of the passengers and their names were read as well.

At the memorial at Shanksville, Bill Clinton also announced he would start fundraising to complete the memorial being built at the site, which includes almost 10$ million dollars. John Boehner also agreed to help in the efforts to complete the memorial. The third place of attack on September 11th, the Pentagon also held events during the day Sunday, including a speech by Vice President Joe Biden.

President Obama also visited the Pentagon later in the day, and was planning on going to the Kennedy Center to attend the €œconcert for hope.€ At the Pentagon, an American flag hung over the place where flight 77 hit the building and at 9:37AM when the plane hit there was a moment of silence followed by Amazing grace.

Each memorial represented the patriotism and remembrance that Americans have which has only grown stronger over the past 10 years.  The day was filled with tears and sorrow, but also represented that America will never forget the heroism, acts of bravery, and the innocent lives that were stolen away.

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