Approximately a 40 minute drive from Montego Bay or Negril, smack dab in the heart of Lucea, a bustling seaport town of Jamaica, stands a non-descript café that holds the secret to longevity and the zest of Jamaican culture. Jamaicans have long learned the secret of the €œIrie€ life by eating from nature′s own preserves.

Preservation Health Food and Restaurants′ specialty is delicious vegetarian meals, foods and drinks, grown and handpicked from the bountiful, lush gardens of Lucea, Jamaica. As soon as you walk into this tiny cafe, with aromatic and mouthwatering scents wafting through the dining area, you are exuberantly greeted by the owners, operator and master chef, Fitzroy and Juliet Williams, who are eager to share the blessings of the land with you.

The restaurant is well known for its organic cooking. All the meals are lactose free with no chemical additives. Even the butter is homemade without dairy products and it still taste like butter. All the dressings, sauces and juices are homemade, including fresh baked breads, muffins, sweet potato puddings, cornmeal puddings and cakes, again with no eggs or dairy ingredients. Amazingly nothing tastes like cardboard, which some of us have come to associate with healthy, organic and vegetarian foods. Their signature fresh squeezed power & energy juices are designed to target specific body parts and organs as well as specific ailments, like detoxing, muscle building, digestion and irregularity, immune system problems, hair and nails, and fatigue. Omega & protein power diets all focused to support the art of healthy living.

I chose a few specialties form their generous menu:

  • Sizzling fried Ackee tortilla wraps served with a flavorful medley of kale and callaloo infused with spices and onions (similar to southern style collard greens)
  • Crisp Tofu chunks– fried and then glazed in a sweet and sour sauce prepared with savory bulgur rice. By far my favorite.
  • Triple bean stew–  thick, hearty and filling. Served with fried dumplings and sweet flavored boiled breadfruit. Homemade deliciousness that feeds the souls as well as the body.
  • Nature Booster– fresh squeezed juice composed of fresh callaloo and organic ginger root sweetened with sugar cane, great for those who are iron deficient.
  • Yummy Zinc Punch– blended with nuts, seeds, oats, soya milk, this is an energy boosting drink that helps with the immune system and colon. It actually tastes really good!
  • Refreshing punch– made up of a combination of tomatoes and delicious pineapple.

This restaurant does the body good, with its nourishing and heartfelt meals bursting with flavor. Who knew that eating healthy could taste so good?

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