Fuerza Bruta, the new variety show from the Argentine creators of the long-running De La Guarda, is succeeding in Madrid, Spain at the Price Circus after its release on 11 October. This success was expected, since its premiere in 2005 at Buenos Aires, Argentina, the show has travelled across New York, London, Lisbon, Bogota, Miami and showed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, achieving, according to the producers, €œamazing reviews and excellent audience opinions.€

Hundreds of people have watched and experienced the sounds and sights and the attendance numbers have only gone up since it premiered. €œFantastic show. Hard to describe it. You just have to go.€

Created by Diqui James, Fuerza Bruta – or translated from Spanish Brute Force — is not part of the usual theater genre. In fact, some Spanish media have categorized it as the kind of theater that people who don´t really like theater would like.

From the very beginning, you will not know what to expect. The performance area is huge, dark, and mysterious, playing with your imagination and curiosity. One of the scene’s most impressive installments is a massive shallow plastic pool where four female performers are splashing around like mermaids. This big pool descends from above to the audience who are standing throughout the entire spectacle. A very helpful suggestion for female patrons would be to wear shoes that they won’t get too uncomfortable in!

During the Fuerza Bruta, the audience is expected to participate in the performance. Be prepared for both voluntary and involuntary involvement as the performers will grab and bring people on stage or engage their spectators in other ways. You can get wet, or you could have a pizza box stuffed with powder and confetti thrown over your head. For this reason, we recommend that you dress casual and think twice before spending hours in front of the mirror; this evening is not likely to come before a night on the town.

The stunning visuals, great music, energetic dancers and the audience participation creates a show which is bound to challenge your mind. You’re also encouraged to touch the set, which is a pretty rare opportunity compared to similar shows.

Fuerza Bruta ends its stay in Madrid this Sunday and unfortunately, so far the production has not announced their next destination. Either way, at Toonari Post, we believe this would be a ‘must-see’ for all. It’s an interesting and fun experience that will introduce you to an hour of incredible alternate reality.


Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jairomag/3746988566/