Toonari Post is a Social Enterprise which provides aspiring journalists & professionals (known as Toonarians) an opportunity to network, train and develop their careers by receiving hands-on training. We provide a diverse, multi-cultural environment for our Toonarians to flourish.

The Toonarians strive to be the leading force in providing informative and critical online news and entertainment information and raise debate and interest in global causes, including environmental and human rights issues.

To date, Toonari has grown to over 1400 young professionals across 160 countries and has seen Toonarians go on to launch their careers with local newspapers and large, global corporations. We have also launched an on-site training center for new media and citizen journalism in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Toonari represents a new kind of news media enterprise in which we focus on the advancement of professionals around the world. Our idea is simple. By providing a network for aspiring professionals to further their education, train and network, we can ensure society will be furthered with a group of experienced, cultured leaders.