As of December 1, the Affordable Healthcare Act is at 15% of its goal of 800,000 signed, sealed and delivered enrollees into waiting physicians arms.

After the White House missed its December 1 deadline for a fully functional Healthcare Website, to ensure that by January 1 the Affordable Healthcare law would be justly serving millions of Americans, little hope remains for Barack Obama′s legislation.

Seven million enrollees are needed to make the legislation work.

The good news is that there is nowhere to go but up. But with the President polling at historic lows throughout the country, and among young people in particular, the legislation will probably not cull the necessary amount of healthcare premiums among the youth to cover the rest of the population anywhere close to January 1, 2014.

Conservatives have quietly begun to celebrate as liberals watch the reviled Republican party step up and cover for Kathleen Sebelius’ Health and Human Services miracle of a free product: healthcare.

The President′s trust in the program was so complete that he only met with his most trusted cabinet member once since passing the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Still, Republicans plan to continue funding a government for the President’s radical legislation set to command 1/6th of the budget.

But they might not rewrite the law for posterity. The problems are grave and mostly mathematical at this point to say nothing of the Republican distaste for forcing people to buy a product with some 20 attached taxes.

A new Institute Of Politics poll shows that a full 52% of college-aged adults would like to throw the President out of office. That number is only slightly better for the twenty-year-olds of the country at 47%. Only 38% approve of Obamacare while 57% disapprove.

The back-breaking fact remains that only 29% expect to sign up at all, preferring to be penalized by the IRS rather than pay exorbitant premiums.

This fact is especially crushing to the Administration as the legislation depended on the young and healthy to equal off the costs of the old and infirm.

So with a website that canceled some five million healthcare plans while enrolling only 27 000 in October, the Administration has decided to play politics and request that the media count Healthcare sign-ups as those who have been enrolled and skip the reporting on the Affordable Healthcare Act’s bumpy road to solvency.

NBC, Politico and Reuters have willfully engaged in the lack of scrutiny.

NBC′s Chuck Todd announced that the 14 State-run Healthcare exchanges totaled some 200 to 250 thousand amid shutdowns through November and into December.

CNN, when modeling the improved healthcare website on the Administration′s deadline, failed to accomplish a successful navigation due to failures of the website itself.

One insurance provider, Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, reported it only received payment from 20% of applicants, pointing to the unmitigated disaster of a federal distribution system that partners individuals with doctors.

In California, amid privacy violations and inflated traffic numbers, as many as 70% of doctors are expected to decline payment due to fuzzy math according to the Washington Examiner.

But with the Administration waging a PR battle in the press and think-tanks receiving millions of dollars to broadcast healthcare victory stories, the Cato institute’s Michael D. Tanner said it best: of the so-called 1.6 million new healthcare enrollees nation-wide, 1.46 got Medicaid coverage.

With the new hit to Medicaid, the institution is set to double in spending in the next 10 years, which doesn’t necessarily equate to better coverage. Only two thirds of doctors take Medicaid. According to one study, privately covered individuals were six times more likely to be seen. Often, Medicaid patients have to resort to Emergency Room care – just like those without any coverage.

The President has already moved on to campaigning for an increased minimum wage on the wings of a low unemployment report buoying a favorable economic projection through the holidays. But the rest of government has begun colluding on how to deal with his mess.

Healthcare companies wouldn′t be able to carry out the Affordable Healthcare Act if the €˜′ site continued to force companies to offer new benefits while losing customers.

As the election year of 2014 dawns, the failure of the Affordable Healthcare Act could be a Democratic back-breaker, forcing the National Journal to add the popular one-time comedian and current Minnesota Senator Al Franken to a list of some 12 Democrats in danger of losing their Senatorial position simply for having faith in their boss Barak Obama.

The Real Clear Politics′ poll of polls that averages partisan polling shows that the Administration has sunk in the 30s for the first time ever, recording a 39.9% approval score.

Reuters also shows the President polling in the 30s.

A new Gallup poll reveals that those, ‘Familiar with the healthcare law are significantly more likely to oppose it than those who are not familiar with it,’ by a margin of 19. According to Gallup, those unfamiliar with the law are evenly divided with disapproval holding a slight edge at 43%.

Last minute additions to offer big unions special perks surely have bought the President some PR time, but as the 2014 election cycle hits overdrive and small-businesses are made to signup for Obamacare, tough bread-winners who bank on dependable political leadership might then send a powerful message to the Democratic machine.

Small-government Republicans who believe in fiscal responsibility should win out over the high-stepping rhetoric of Obamamites.

The President once promised: €œIf you like your insurance, you can keep it; if you like your doctor, you can keep him; if you need help finding the coverage you need, we will make it easy; and by organizing the healthcare market under the guiding hand of the omnipotent state, we will make insurance cheaper.€

Those first two promises for too many have been broken forever by a culture of illegality; the last two have already been dashed by a Commander-in-Chief fumbling and bumbling through the failures of a system that leans too much on the computer to make its miracle of a free product dazzlingly enough to believe.


Image credit: Obamacare via Facebook