This is the question the Republican Party has been waiting to ask for four years as part of its strategy to undermine President Obama and his reelection. It began as a group of sore losers after the 2008 election, and ever since there has been every attempt to prevent President Obama′s success. Congress has behaved like a bunch of two-year-olds having an ongoing temper tantrum, screaming, €œno, no, no€ to everything the President has put forth to solve our nation’s problems. We must send a clear message to Congress and the Republican Party, that obstructive government is no government at all and tell them, emphatically, that we will not have it.

Has President Obama failed you? I think not. He inherited a huge national debt, two wars, massive Wall Street and corporate corruption, wide-scale unemployment, a severely depressed housing market amid mounting foreclosures, a dying American automobile industry, uncontrolled health care costs with the burden of care for the uninsured, plus an era of baby boomers reaching retirement age and straining the already stressed Social Security and Medicare systems.

No, he hasn′t done it all in four years. How could anyone? He said in his 2008 campaign €œWe can do it,€ not €œI can do it,€ and it will take all of us to do our part. Have you done yours? Vote! Don′t let Big Money buy us, or their lies sway us, or allow them to get away with suppressing votes. Tell the Republicans we have had enough of their BS!

What President Obama has done is miraculous. Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act, I, as an RN, can get back to caring for patients instead of charge slips and insurance companies.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. The war in Iraq has ended. Our soldiers are pulling out of Afghanistan. If your soldier came home alive, you no doubt know that you are better off.

Thanks to President Obama the auto industry is alive and well. The stimulus has kept capitalism alive. Unemployed workers got extended unemployment benefits. Programs were developed to prevent foreclosures and offer down payment assistance to make homes affordable to those in need and to stimulate the plummeting housing market.

President Obama is fighting to save Medicare and Social Security so our retirement money and care do not become resources for private investors to risk. Thousands of undocumented students will benefit from the Obama Administration′s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. He is committed to protecting the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all of our people, not just the top 2 percent.

Voters I ask you: Who would Martin Luther King Jr., Caesar Chavez, Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt vote for? Would they let anyone take their vote away? Go to the polls.

Save yourself. Save your country. Save us all. Vote Barack Obama!