The legalization to consume some drugs in Argentina has generated a great polemic in the country. The Government had to firmly state that: €œ There will never be free drugs in Buenos Aires€. The executive of Cristina Fernandez announced to propose a legal change, where the consumer would not be consider a delinquent.

This type of regulations  are really interesting taking in consideration that South America is a continent where the production of drugs is very wide, and it is controlled and handle illegally.

The Argentinean authorities considered that this policy has failed due to the fact that it will equate €œthe addict with the trafficker€, these were the words that yesterday the Minister of Justice, Aníbal Fernández said. He claimed that it is more important to bring medical attendance to the consumers and chase drug trafficking, rather than expend the State resources into penal processes against the drug addicts.

This is remarkable change of posture for Argentina, since the 1989 ONU convention, it was always possitionated towards the persecusion of drug consume.

The Government′s announcement has generated divisions of opinions among the partidarians that focus on attacking the problem with a  similar angle as some Euroepan countries, such as Spain. Against the others that advert that the measure will provoke the opposite effect, than the one expected.

This is the first time that this kind of drug regulations are being discuss in South America. If we take in consideration the posibility to legalize drugs in South America, rather than having them situated in the black market, and controlled by delincuents, and guerrilleros such as the As Farc in Colombia. It is good to look at the other side of the coin, where offering control and regulation many of this groups would dissolve and the drug consumption would be controlled  in a legal way.