J-Century is a male 3D artist from Malaysia that has traveled to various countries around the world. His collection of 3D renderings of everything from beautiful females, to dangerous weapons numbers over 700 and such an enormous gallery of work was just begging to be explained and explored, so an interview with this talented man was requested and agreed to.

Toonari Post (TP): How and when did you first start practicing your art (are you traditionally trained or self-taught)?

J-Century (JC): That′s a long story. I′m a self-taught artist, I think. I′ve loved to draw since I was 3-4 years old; my dad told me that. I started with pencil and paper, drew everything I wanted to draw. I never stopped drawing until now because I wanted to focus more on 3D art. For 3D stuff, I consider myself as half trained and half self-taught.

I actually learned 3D studio Max during my college life. I was a multimedia course student back then, around 2006, and 3D lessons were the last lessons of the course. I learned about the basics there; just stuff about how to make something in the 3D software by using the built-in default tool. And yes, modeling and animating are included as well. But I did not learn all of it because of shortage of resources and 3D was not really popular in my country at that time.

After that, I did not use 3D Max anymore since I worked as a graphic designer and my jobs are 99% graphic related. I have been practicing 3D since April of 2011. I am searching crazily for tutorials on Google and Youtube in order to make my rendering look nice. I started researching and developing render settings, too.

TP: What mediums do you use for your artwork? Which is your favorite and why?

JC: For the majority, I use Autodesk 3D Studio MAX 9 for modeling and rendering, and Adobe Photoshop 7.0/CS5 for post working and also texture making. Why still using version 9? Because my own computer is old enough and it can’t support the higher version of MAX. Besides, MAX is expensive.

Besides 3D stuff, I am also involved in some digital art production: photo manipulation, graphic design and some personal signatures. I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW for digital art production.

TP: What piece of your work is your favorite and why? Which one are you most proud of?

JC: Alot! But my most favorite would be this one. It’s my OC (Original Character) based on the method of Miranda Lawson of Mass Effect 2.

The art which I am most proud of is “Alisa Bosconovitch J-Tune“; the “J-Tune”, stands for Jack’s Tuning, Jack is my name and I custom-made a gothic lolita outfit for her.

TP: When you first started did you ever hit any bumps in your art process. What were they and how did you overcome them?

JC: Yes, of course, I always hit a lot of bumps during my process. It’s the material issues for the models. I want my models to look like figurines, so I have to make their clothes, skin and accessories look realistic. I have to add some textures to them and adjust the tiling very carefully to make sure they’re suitable.

Generally, I will search for some solutions on Google, or ask my master-level friends. It’s feels good when we need help and a friend is just around to provide it for you.

TP: Who or what are your inspirations and why?

JC: Hyperdivine and Energise. Why? Check out their gallery and you will know why.

TP:  Have you ever had to deal with a situation where someone else took credit for your work? If so, what did you do to resolve it? How did this art theft make you feel?

JC: Sure, it always happens to me. I found a lot of people using my art without my permission and some of them steal my art, make some modify and claim as their it as their own.  I report that as a violation and usually in DeviantART the staff has a high efficiency of reaction for the report I make. Honestly, I feel quite happy when someone steals my art because no one will steal my art if it looks bad.

TP: What is your favorite subject to draw and why?

JC: Mostly the stuff I love: games, girls, cars, and military stuff. No reason to explain, I just love them. You will see a great amount of pretty girls in 3D rendering in my DeviantART gallery, and of course if you browse the rest of the gallery you will find some other stuff like sport car photos, firearms in 3D rendering, and some pretty girl photos (I have quite few pretty female friends, hehe).

TP: If there was any art medium that you wish you could master, what would it be and why?

JC: That will be digital painting. I’ve seen a lot of awesome digital painting and I often blame myself because I can’t draw and paint that kind of stuff! If I master digital painting, there are a lot of things I want to draw!

TP: Outside of art what is your life like?

JC: Outside of art, I am just an ordinary guy. I love cars, movies, music, outdoor activities, Airsoft guns, and superbikes. Sometimes I love to DIY stuff too. For example, a car exhaust system; work it together with friends who love cars just like me. I love to travel too; you Westerners called it backpack travel? I went to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Paris, London, Korea and Japan before. My next destination is California.

TP: What are your goals in life? Do you plan to continue art as a hobby or make it a career?

JC: My goals are easy, get a stable job with steady income, buy a nice car, settle down and get married, get a dog, that’s all.
Art is my career and also my hobby, I will continue them no matter what.

TP: Do you feel that your culture has influenced you in some way that makes you different than other artists?

JC: Certainly, I am of Chinese descent from Malaysia and it’s a multicultural country. I get to know so much about different cultures of various races. That makes me different from others because I can make varied arts based on different culture, or combine them together.

Here are some examples:

  • A panda (it’s categorized as Chinese culture).
  • Miu Mitsuki, a fairy/succubus that can manipulate themselves between human-form and animal-form (Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture).
  • A mermaid, yes we Thai people have a beautiful story about Mermaids, too.


Image Courtesy of   http://j-century.deviantart.com/