Palo Alto, Calif.– Attensity, the leading provider of social analytics and engagement applications for Social CRM, has released an analysis of public reaction in social media to the movie, ‘Rock of Ages’. Using Attensity Analyze, the company’s social analytics application, Attensity identified and analyzed social media conversations about ‘Rock of Ages’ posted on Twitter, Facebook, news sites, forums, videos and other social sources before and after the movie’s nationwide June 15release. The results from the entire data set from June 10-17 show that moviegoers expressed an overwhelming 96.8 percent positive sentiment toward the movie.

The full Attensity report is available as a free download and summarized on the Attensity blog. It contains social data on cast member performances as well as the most commonly used hashtags.

“Knowing the polarizing nature of stars like Tom Cruise and movie musicals in general, we decided to use Attensity’s social media analytics to find out the sentiment toward ‘Rock of Ages’,” said Rebecca MacDonald, vice president of marketing at Attensity. “Based on our analysis of thousands of social media conversations, we were surprised by how positive the overall sentiment was toward both the star and the movie.”

Attensity’s data reveals that the already positive sentiment toward ‘Rock of Ages’, in fact, grew over 10 percent after the film’s premiere. Positive sentiment for Tom Cruise in the movie also increased, moving from 47.87 percent to 52 percent.

On the other hand, critics of Tom Cruise jumped on the opportunity to post their negative comments about the actor and his participation in ‘Rock of Ages’, adding to the small amount of negative sentiment and arguably playing a role in the film’s lackluster opening weekend numbers.

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Image Courtesy of  Rock of Ages