€œHave you ever heard of [insert band name here]?€  You can probably answer €œyes€ to this question eight times out of ten, whether it was on the radio, on the internet or something of that sort, and if you haven′t heard it, you have probably heard something that sounds just like it, i.e. the generic pop song.

So when I was faced with this question a few weeks ago, I was hesitant about the conversation that would take place after my answer. Long story short, after initially not wanting to listen to it, AWOLNATION some way found its way from the speakers to my ears that night.

AWOLNATION is unlike anything that′s happening right now. You can say it sounds like MGMT just to realize, further on in the same song, that it doesn′t remind of you MGMT at all. As a friend of mine put it, lead singer Aaron Bruno sounds like €œLittle Richard mixed with the guy from Queen.€

Aaron Bruno. This name may sound familiar to you. AWOLNATION is his latest project (third time′s the charm?),  and he has been the lead singer of both Home Town Hero and Under the Influence of Giants. AWOLNATION is his solo project.

In the single year that AWOLNATION has been an €œofficial€ band, it has produced not only an EP but also a full-length album. The 2010 EP, Back to Earth, features five songs, three of which were later featured on the album. Back to Earth was only really a preview of what was to come less than a year later.

In March 2011, Megalithic Symphony dropped. This album is the perfect mix of rock and electronic beats partnered with themes you can apply to your own life or gain an understanding of Bruno himself.

The song that sums this up the most is €œJump on My Shoulders.€ It has an excellent backing that you can′t help just dance along to. The verses of this song have a pretty basic sound behind them, but the chorus definitely is built up€¦ to get people excited!

€œI say we rob from the rich and blow down the door / On to the next to dance with the poor / Jump on my shoulders / You can jump on my shoulders,€ Bruno sings along with some background singers singing €œLa-La-La,€ creating probably one of the best sounding choruses right now.  To put it simply, this song pumps people up, and even your grandma would dance to it.

If electronic beats isn′t necessarily your thing, AWOLNATION still has your back. The song €œBurn it Down€ still has the electronic components to it, but drums as well as guitar are a much more prominent featured. That being said, this song will still get your feet moving. It′s a fast-paced, upbeat song about people who feel the same way coming together (to dance), and asks questions that listeners can ponder deeply. And if you are into heavier beats, check out the €œBurn it Down€ remix on the EP. It will blow your mind.

Even better, AWOLNATION streams the whole album on their website www.awolnationmusic.com. You probably should check it out. They′re going to be the next big thing, and it will be interesting to see this band′s future endeavors.

Image Courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/dsalerno/