A growl came first, followed by darkness in an isolated Australian desert, where a baby′s cry shattered the peaceful night. A nine-week-old baby vanished from inside the tent. Outside, her mother ear-piercingly shouted: “The dingo’s got my baby!”

My Daily News reported that, the first investigation into baby Azaria′s death found that she was taken by dingo from her parents′ tent, near Uluru, on the 17th of August, 1980. More than three decades later, Northern Territory coroner has opened a fourth inquest last Friday to investigate the disappearance of baby Azaria after her parents, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, gathered fresh evidence about dingo attacks on children.

According to Scotsman, Lindy Chamberlain was convicted and later cleared for murdering her daughter 32 years ago. She and her ex-husband have always maintained that a dingo took their child. Rex Wild, a lawyer assisting the coroner, spoke about several wild dog attacks and said,

“Although it [a dingo killing a child] may have been regarded as unlikely in 1980… it shouldn’t be by 2011-12; with the additional evidence in my submission, your honor should accept on the balance of probabilities that the dingo theory is the correct one.”

To most people, Azaria′s case is just a story largely known for its place in pop culture. Stuart Tipple, Chamberlain′s lawyer told Associated Press, “I think that the people that don’t think for themselves aren’t ever going to be convinced, and it really doesn’t matter what you show them. I could show them a video of the dingo taking the baby and it wouldn’t convince them €” because they’ve made their mind up.”

Azaria′s dad, Michael Chamberlain told the court that the public has to be informed about the danger of dingoes. Fighting back tears, he said, €œthe propensity of dingoes to attack and kill children had become a fact since his daughter vanished more than 30 years ago.€

€œSince the loss of Azaria I have had an abiding fear and paranoia about safety around dingoes. They send a shudder up my spine. It is a hell I have to endure€ – Michael Chamberlain

Until today, Azaria′s cause of death is listed as unknown in her death certificate. Her parents are hoping that the new evidence found can set the record straight on her behalf. Azaria′s body has never been found. Many people, particularly Australians have been following this case since its beginning. Despite having Ms. Chamberlain′s name cleared for Azaria′s disappearance, a lot of people still doubt that a dingo was strong enough to drag the baby away and kill her.