Arkane Studios has released part two of €œDishonored€′s downloadable content (DLC). €œThe Brigmore Witches€ continues Daud′s (the assassin of Empress Jessamine) story where it left off in part one, €œThe Knife of Dunwall.€ While the flimsy twist in part one was disappointing, €œThe Brigmore Witches€ makes up for that with more action, more of the Outsider, new interesting enemies and new abilities.

While there is the same option to perform lethal or non-lethal actions, it seems as if The Outsider is actually disgusted with Daud′s actions as much as Daud is. At every turn he reminds Daud that time is running out and that even if he succeeds, he still may never obtain the redemption he seeks.

Daud′s character and story are far more interesting than Corvo′s ever was. Daud is conflicted about the choices he has made in exchange for power and has a voice in which to speak about certain things that happen to him throughout his experience. Corvo on the other hand is an unnamed cypher in which the player inhabits. We can never know how Corvo feels about his situation within the entirety of €œDishonored.€

Daud′s relationship with the Outsider seems to be a stronger connection as well which is very enlightening considering Corvo had a full length game to develop his relationship with the Outsider. The Outsider provokes Daud at every turn, asking him about his choices, and even says that he is paying attention to Daud′s actions. Even though the Outsider is mostly indifferent, in Daud′s case he genuinely cares about the outcome. It seems as though he wants Daud to redeem himself.

Daud′s choices do indeed have an effect on his fate which in the end ties into Corvo′s story as well. Unlike in the main story, these choices carry much more weight because of their influence on the main story.

The best part of this DLC is that your stats from €œThe Knife of Dunwall€ carry over, so you can spend your Runes on upgrading the new power:  Pull. This power allows Daud to summon items to his side for his use. Daud can use this power in a number of ways. Offensively, Daud can pull enemies to him and then choke them out or assassinate them in mid-air. Defensively he can use enemies as human shields. This power is very helpful when aiming to get low chaos as it can be used to disarm alarms from a distance without enemies detecting you. Daud also has a new weapon, Baffle Dust. This dust works the same way Choke Dust does, except enemies will not be able to detect you as well after it wears off.

Bone charms have been given a bittersweet upgrade. Corrupted bone charms are charms that have been combined with others to create a corrupted bone charm. In using these corrupted charms, Daud is given better benefits such as increased mana or health but in exchange these charms have a penalty attached such as slowed movement. If you can work around these penalties, the corrupted charms are another tool Daud has at his disposal to combat the Brigmore Witches.

Delilah’s witches prove to be even more formidable than the Butchers of €œThe Knife of Dunwall.€ Like Daud′s assassin′s, Deliah′s witches borrow from her power and are able to summon monsters from the void and use the Blink ability. If spotted, they will surround Daud and summon a live briar branch which will hold Daud in place. The witches also control grave hounds. The dogs are deceased wolfhounds which the witches use as guard dogs. They are relentless and will keep attacking unless Daud crushes their skull.

4/5: €œThe Brigmore Witches€ concludes Daud′s story in a way that makes up for €œThe Knife of Dunwall€′s shortcomings. In cutting up both parts, the DLC loses some depth.  In addition the new bone charms and Pull power, the challenging enemies and the Outsider keep €œThe Brigmore Witches€ fresh and exciting. With Daud′s story over, here′s hoping Arkane will feature the Outsider in his own game.


Image credit: Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches via Facebook