New York, U.S.A. — In the wake of President Obama’s recent backing of same-sex marriage and a Supreme Court decision looming, is launching Gay and Lesbian versions of its online dating site in a national show of support for equal rights. BeautifulPeople’s billboard campaign, scheduled to launch across the country in support of same-sex marriage legislation, has been banned.

Choosing not to bow to an infringement on their right to free expression, BeautifulPeople has redesigned censored versions of the billboards. The censored images, originally a playful take on political dissonance, have gone up in 10 locations around Los Angeles including West Hollywood, California €“ one of the largest LGBT communities in the country €“ and also in Florida.

The original billboard shows a loving matrimonial union between the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and TV personality. The billboard features former presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann kissing Sarah Palin, the gun-toting former Alaska governor and darling of the right. Both billboards show President Obama as officiant.

“This is a national campaign championing equal rights for the LGBT community and pledging support in a colorful way,” says Greg Hodge, BeautifulPeople’s Managing Director. “Through a humorous campaign we wanted to showcase how many of our political heavyweights are living in the last century.”

Determined to play an active role in the national effort to legislate equal rights for the LGBT community, is giving 15% from every same-sex membership to a non-profit organization championing marriage equality., an online dating site exclusively for beautiful people, already has a large gay membership; however only opposite sex voting is allowed to avoid members voting strategically against other beautiful hopefuls. The exclusively gay versions now allow gay members to enjoy the same-sex voting process and vote according to their own unique definition of beauty.

Both sites, and, are now live, coinciding with the BeautifulPeople marriage equality campaign launch.

Images: The following are links to images of the uncensored billboard campaign, and the wedding album images from the BeautifulPeopleGAY photo shoot. Images of the uncensored billboard truck in NYC are also available upon request.

See the billboard here:

See the wedding album here:


Like, acceptance to the site is a democratic process, with existing members voting beautiful hopefuls in or out. All members must pass through a strict rating process to make sure they are up to standard. Potential members submit a picture of themselves and existing members then vote. If successful they have exclusive access to a dating site where the one thing they can guarantee is that everyone is good looking and they don’t have to filter through riff raff.

BeautifulPeople is the largest community of attractive people in the world representing almost every ethnic and cultural background. This coveted community shamelessly exists so beautiful people can meet other beautiful people. There have been over 650 marriages through unions founded on and thousands of beautiful babies born.


Image Courtesy of  davidyuweb