Santa Clara,U.S.A — Blipboard, a San Francisco-based startup, announced on October 3, Blipboard for iPhone. Blipboard is a live social map that provides information and alerts about interesting things nearby. Using Blipboard, users can “tune in” to people and places, and get alerts about club events, happy hours, restaurant specials, and other happenings posted by people and places around the city.

Blipboard was founded by Aneil Mallavarapu, and built by a seasoned software team including Jason Fischl, formerly at Skype, and Ludovic Legrand from Palm. The first version of the app will be released on iPhone and focused on San Francisco.

“Blipboard connects users with local influencers and businesses using pins on a map,” said Mallavarapu. “Unlike Twitter, Blipboard alerts you to happenings relevant to your interests when you’re nearby and most likely to be interested.”

Using Blipboard, users can:

  • Tune in to friends, places and tastemakers
  • Attract nearby people to an interesting place or event
  • Build followings and become local tastemakers in their city

About Blipboard

Blipboard is the brainchild of co-founders Aneil Mallavarapu and Jason Fischl. Aneil Mallavarapu is an award winning computer scientist from Harvard with a PhD from UCSF. Jason is a hands-on serial entrepreneur who has co-founded four technology companies and was most recently a senior director of engineering at Skype. Blipboard is focused on location-based social communications and mapping, following its motto, “Tune in to life nearby.”