With micro-blogging becoming more popular than ever, people are going above and beyond simply reading about non-profit organizations on the internet and how they can get more involved in life-changing programs. Instead, people all over the world are taking matters into their own hands and creating websites themselves and blogging about a wide array of world affairs in order to reach readers on an international level. People are becoming more engaged in these types of blogs and as blog sites continue to reproduce and evolve, perhaps those in need will see change for the better themselves.

According to BestUniversities.com, the more we educate the youth of society, the more we can make a difference in this world. The site states, €œyou may have heard of the theory that education can change the world. This is undoubtedly true. Whether you are a high school graduate or a student pursuing a degree from traditional or online colleges, you are more likely to make a difference when you are an educated individual. In fact, the world is full of students and visionaries and people who want to make a difference in the world, and many of those people share their knowledge online through their blogs. Whether you want to change the world through environment, humanitarianism, business, or any other way, there′s a blog out there that can offer you guidance and inspiration.€

BestUniversities.com has compiled a list of some of the greatest blogs out there to help individuals become better educated and to inform others on the differences we can be making in this world right now.

Read on to learn more about the top three blogs that will change the world and how you too can get involved.

3. The Blog: What do you Stand for?

This blog is about recycling, pollution control and conserving the environment. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness about the importance of €˜going green,′ while giving tips and advice of how the little things we do on a daily basis, if changed just a bit, will make a huge impact all over the world. According to the 2012 Green Gap Trend Tracker, €œ42 percent of consumers say they are most influenced by messaging related to the environmental impact of disposing of a product. Easy-to-read, on-pack symbols take the guesswork out of recycling at home, which should in turn bolster recycling rates, increase material recovery, reduce waste and perhaps even create a new industry standard.€

2. The Blog: A Volunteer′s Guide for Changing the World.

This blog comes in at number two because it not only informs readers about making a difference, but also allows them to volunteer for the site and programs to help others in their area.  The sites slogan is €œempowering you to help others, one post at a time.€ Mark Horoszowski , founder of the site and co-founder of MovingWorlds, also volunteers his time to the American Cancer Society′s National Relay Advisory Team. He blogs about everything, but specializes writing about communities coming together, collaboration, communication and leadership, in an effort for each organization to succeed to it′s utmost potential. To check out his blog, go to http://www.helpinghelp.org/

Coming in at the number one spot on our list is:

1.The Blog: United Nations Good Works

Yes, even the United Nations has created a blog site. This blog features inspirational true stories about life-changing experiences, miracles, saving lives and all around just greatly impacting the world. The site has up-to-date blogs around the clock from all over the world. Some of the topics, to name just a few, include blogs about poverty, women′s rights, third world country affairs, war, famine, HIV, world tragedies, among dozens of others. Each blog discusses how anyone that is interested in a particular topic can get more involved. From the blog, you can also access various associations, foundations, programs, funds and organizations related to the United Nations. The site′s slogan is, €œEvery day across the globe the United Nations is empowering millions of people to build a better life for themselves, their family, their community, and our world.€ If you would like to become more hands on with this blog, please go to http://unworks.blogspot.com/.

€œ€œNo one can do everything, but everyone can do something. And if everyone does something, then together we can change the world.€ (Author unknown)


Image Courtsey of  Marisa Vasquez  &  Tolly Moseley