On May 2, somewhere in Moscow Nikolai prepared his supper, and the menu included human liver, stew, and potatoes€¦ This could be the beginning of the first chapter of a horror novel, but reality comes to surprise us from time to time.

In gory scenes reminiscent of the horror film The Silence of The Lambs, Russian officers tracked down a man after a trail of body parts were found scattered across the Russian capital. Police found their suspect in his Moscow home eating a human liver with potatoes before finding the remains of the organ in a stew.

Nicolai Sadrin, the suspected killer, allegedly knew his victim Ilia Egorov. Sadrin, who suffered from mental illness according to police, confessed that he killed the 40 year old Ilia Egorov. The police stated that parts of the body such as the head, arms and legs, were found in the Moskovou river, but also scattered in basements and in rubbish bins in western Moscow.

€œWhen the police came to arrest the suspect, he was eating a human liver with potatoes,€ a police spokeswoman for the Moscow’s western district said. According to her, the cause of the victim′s death was not clear. €œDetectives established the identity of the dead body by taking fingerprints, and after that police tracked down the suspected offender through a circle of the deceased’s friends,€ police spokesman Alexei Savalyev told Russian news agency Ria Novosti. In Sadrin′s home, police found the tools that he used to dissect the corpse as well as the remaining part of the liver.

It must be a cannibalism epidemic in Russia, otherwise I can′t explain the fact that in very recent years outbreaks of cannibalism have occurred.

June 2008 – Eight members of a cannibalistic Satanist group in Yaroslavl, were given jail sentences for stabbing four teenagers, 666 times, and eating them afterwards. Indictments were handed out to Alexei Chistyakov, Konstantin Baranov, Ksenia Kovaleva, Nikolai Ogolobyak, Alexander Voronov, Aleksei Soloviev, Sergey Karpenko and Anton Makovkin. Police said that the killers enjoyed watching their friends die a painful death. The case details are so shocking that the hearings are closed to the general public.

January 2009 – Maxim Golovatskikh and his friend florist Yury Mozhnov, both 20, are accused of drowning Karina Barduchian in a bath, then carving up her body and serving her meat with potatoes to the lodger Ekaterina Zinovyeva. The murder was so brutal that it caused the trial to halt after a juror fell ill looking at the pictures of the girl.

April 2009 – Two men, identified only as 28-year-old Timur G. and 23-year-old Marat G. killed and methodically ate their elder brother Rafis in the central Russian city of Perm. Police grew suspicious when the brothers reported Rafis missing but were vague in giving details of their brother.

November 2009 – Sergei Gavrilov killed his 55 year-old mother Lyubov after she refused to hand over her pension. He wanted to spend the money on a drinking and gambling binge. The unbelievable thing in this case is that the Russian cannibal had his prison sentence reduced by nine months after a court accepted that he resorted to cannibalism out of hunger rather than preference.

You can call it either sickness, or madness, or just the latest trend. Nevertheless, it gives you the creeps, don′t you think?