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Potential Cure for Alzheimer′s Disease: Coconut Oil

Home » Featured » Potential Cure for Alzheimer′s Disease: Coconut Oil   Dr. Mary Newport may have found a cure for Alzheimer′s disease with coconut oil. Dr. Newport has published the book €œAlzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure?€… Continue Reading →

The Book of Tyrael Review

Blizzard Entertainment has released a second companion book to its hugely popular action-RPG title Diablo III. Published by Insight Editions, The Book of Tyrael, it is a sequel of sorts to 2011′s The Book of Cain. Like its predecessor, The Book… Continue Reading →

Avoiding Serious Injuries Is Key for Young Performers

Chicago, U.S.A. — Even before shows like “Dance Moms” and “America’s Got Talent” entertained viewers, generations of young boys and girls have grown up with dreams of stardom in dance, theatre or music, but those who follow their dreams know… Continue Reading →

Maroon 5 and BJALCF to Launch Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign

In response to the epidemic of lives lost to Lung Cancer in the U.S., and the world’s Number One Cancer Killer, Maroon 5 has joined BJALCF as an incredible Grammy-award-winning VOICE to launch a national and international Lung Cancer Awareness campaign. This… Continue Reading →

Grand Palladium, Jamaica: Vacation Dream or Opulent Illusion?

The Grand Palladium & lady Hamilton Resort Lucea/Montego Bay Jamaica sits on an expansive 200 acre of land, 30 minutes west of Montego Bay and just outside of the historical seaside city of Lucea. The brilliant white domes of the… Continue Reading →

Dangers of Alcohol: Prevent Reckless Adolescent Drinkers

Heavy drinking is a big issue among adolescents around the world. There are many factors that affect alcohol consumption: cultural, economic, familiar, education and social environment are those most frequently analyzed by experts. Countries usually have a minimum age limit for selling,… Continue Reading →

Allrecipes Celebrates 15 Years in Operation

Seattle, U.S.A. –, the world’s #1 digital food brand, celebrates its 15th Anniversary with more than 15 billion recipes viewed, 14 million app downloads, 1,000 original videos created, and nearly 200 million pieces of content uploaded, saved or shared by more… Continue Reading →

Linda Loudermilk: Visionary Couture and Eco-Designer

When you think about haute couture you think of fashion without limits, clothing with no boundaries and a limitless supply of whatever type of material is preferred: leather, silk, cashmere.  Linda Loudermilk, unlike other fashion designers, thinks of the environment. … Continue Reading →

Interview with Lanze Spears, Creator of €˜20-Something′

Toonari Post was fortunate enough to be able to interview the writer and producer of the inspirational series €˜20-Something,′ Lanze Spears. He talks about what inspired him to produce this documentary, how the experience helped him as a film maker… Continue Reading →

Five Areas Skilled Tailors Can Enhance Your Suits

The cut of a suit is almost everything. The material is a close second, but is forgiven so long as the fit of the jacket and pants is superb. In a day and age where a starting suit can be… Continue Reading →

Dragonfly Restaurant Makes Its Mark on Wellington’s Dining Scene

Dragonfly, Wellington′s newest restaurant and bar on Courtenay Place offers customers a different dining experience with a focus on sharing and experiencing new flavours with an Asian theme. Dragonfly offers both a formal restaurant setting and cocktail bar with full… Continue Reading →

Discover Great Taste in Columbian Cuisine

Colombia is a country with colorful, delicious and interesting food. The Colombian kitchen has a large influence from Spanish, African and Natives. The main ingredients of the dishes are rice, corn, beans, cassava and potatoes. Similarly, fruits like papaya, guava,… Continue Reading →

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