Are You Better Off?

This is the question the Republican Party has been waiting to ask for four years as part of its strategy to undermine President Obama and his reelection. It began as a group of sore losers after the 2008 election, and ever… Continue Reading →

Is a Degree Still Worth Anything?

The economic crisis has raised unemployment, universities have reduced their available spots, and tuition is becoming inaccessible to the poor and middle class. So, is a college education really worth it? Students must be certain that they want to go to a college… Continue Reading →

Essay on the Meaning of Life

Religion and spirituality both facilitate and frustrate us on our way to finding meaning in life. They promote a solid foundation for a person to stand on, yet can we stand firmly on belief alone? Ancient people created Gods and Goddesses… Continue Reading →

Egypt’s President Morsi Overthrown: Military Coup or People′s Coup?

On June 3, the Egyptian army overthrow the first freely elected president of the country, Mohamed Morsi. They did so in unity with representatives of several different groups within Egyptian society: the Grand Imam from Al Azhar, the Pope of… Continue Reading →

China: Just Another BRIC in the Wall?

The acronym BRIC was coined by Jim O’Neill in his now-distant 2001 paper, but Brazil, Russia, India and China are still considered to be at a similar stage of economic development. The truth is, however, that the BRIC countries are not that alike. They have quite… Continue Reading →

Republicans Dropping Ball on Birth Control Debate

In the world of politics, there is nothing better than an opponent that shoots themselves in the foot. Hence, President Obama is having a much better time currently, than he should be. Unemployment is still high and the debt is… Continue Reading →

The Ravens’ Resurgence – Who and How?

Never has one man done more for a team than Ray Lewis has done for the Baltimore Ravens. Since his arrival in Baltimore in the 1996 NFL Draft, Forbes have stated that Lewis′ tenure in the city has likely accounted… Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving: Colonialism and the Redskins Debate

Celebrated the last Thursday of the cold, raining month of November, Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to the United States and recalls the miracle of Colonialism: the generosity of the Indians. Some four hundred years since settlers began making their… Continue Reading →

NFL: Late-Round Picks Make Names for Themselves

The National Football League Draft is one of the most highly anticipated events on the sporting calendar as the 32 NFL franchises select the best young American Football players from the collegiate leagues to replenish their ranks. Predictably, a large… Continue Reading →

A British NFL Franchise – a Londoner’s Perspective

With the NFL International Series going from strength to strength, it seems like the debate surrounding whether or not London should play host to a permanent NFL franchise, has become an annual tradition. As an avid football journalist, who lives… Continue Reading →

Treatment for Tots

Medication is the new way to level the playing field. What may be a new eerie trend is discussed in a recent New York Times article. Interviewed for the piece, Dr. Michael Anderson prescribes psychotropic drugs for children who are… Continue Reading →

Breaking Free of Adwords: When Will Small Businesses Embrace SEO?

It′s a fact: Google Adwords leads the market for content-sensitive web-based marketing solutions. However, as digital marketing becomes commonplace, lack of business competition and the intensification in competition for keywords, the cost of effective paid search has left many small… Continue Reading →

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