Why Pay for Undergrad When A Master′s Is Free

The average cost of an undergraduate education at an American four-year institution is a little under $100,000. Back in the day, when a movie was fifteen cents and you could survive off minimum wage, there was a joke among those paying… Continue Reading →

New Marketing Order?

It’s the business of engagement, of interpretation, of reaching people before they reach the product or service they love. Social media from an instrumental perspective has helped evolve a sub-class of new society based on their participation in online activities. It… Continue Reading →

Why We Have Yet to Listen to Reason

The DREAM Act could not have been more appropriately christened. Stuck in the whirring cog of bipartisan politics, the legislation has stagnated for over a decade in both the House and the Senate. What was recently announced as the Deferred… Continue Reading →

Fiscal Cliff: Serpent in US Economy

There is a new kind of economic disorder in the United States taking roots in their fiscal policy. It has emerged in the system foreshadowing an economic apocalypse of the US economy, and is known as the Fiscal Cliff. The… Continue Reading →

Is Anime All the Same?

It is hard to ignore if you are a fan of anime. Each season, you can expect the same type of shows with the same types of characters to come out, and it seems like they are not even trying… Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow on the Jets? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Imagine this dream scenario for your favorite NFL team: The most competitively decorated athlete in college football history is drafted to a non-rival, small market team. The athlete helps to rake in millions of dollars in revenue for the franchise,… Continue Reading →

Ireland: Is There a Shortcut to Heaven?

Ireland’s austerity measures and spending cuts is a model that all European countries should adopt – or is it? About three years ago, Ireland was granted 85 billion Euros by the Eurogroup and the IMF. As a part of the… Continue Reading →

Eric Deggans Confirms Own Bias in Race Baiter Part II

In “Eric Deggans Confirms Own Bias in Race Baiter Part I“, I detailed the premise of Eric Deggans book, Race Baiter: How Media Wields Dangerous Word to Divide a Nation, noting how it was more a treatise on attacking Fox News and… Continue Reading →

Lakers Do It Again, Become Instant Favorites With Howard

Even the defending world champion, Miami Heat, cannot comprehend what the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office has been able to accomplish this offseason with their acquisitions of All Stars, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. This is the same team that… Continue Reading →

The Future of Arsenal

For the past few seasons the Arsenal team had no one who had won a trophy in their careers €“ at least recently €“ which must have been some sort of record, especially for a club of Arsenal′s stature. No… Continue Reading →

Blogs: People Expressing Themselves in New Ways

For their creators, blogs are a form of expression; a way of showing their identity and interests and even for promoting themselves. Recently, blogs turned to be a weapon in the hands of everyone who have the desire to exercise… Continue Reading →

Obamacare’s Raunchy Ad: Hidden Message to Women?

There were consternation from many last week as ProgressNow Colorado rolled out its latest ad promoting Obamacare. The ad shows a woman holding a packet of birth control pills, while a suave-looking young man stands next to her with his… Continue Reading →

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