France Takes an Unexpected Seat at Rugby World Cup 2011

With the Rugby World Cup Final just days away, the French seem an unfit match for New Zealand’s strong team. France making it into the Rugby World Cup was an unusual feat. The team lost greatly to New Zealand in the… Continue Reading →

Derrick Rose’s MVP Season: Overrated or Overachieved?

Jaguars Moving In The Right Direction; Playoff-Bound?

It may just be preseason, but it′s hard not to get excited about the direction of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The first team offense has looked fluent, whilst the defense has been efficient, showing there′s much more about them on that… Continue Reading →

NBA Stars Put on Exciting Show for OKC Fans During Exhibition Match

A host of NBA stars converged upon Oklahoma City Sunday night for the US Tracking Fleet Basketball Invitational hosted by hometown hero Kevin Durant. They did not disappoint, putting on quite a show for the energetic crowd. With a final… Continue Reading →

Wimbledon Review: Week One

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Wimbledon 2011: Battleground Between The Past Winners and The Newcomers

For years, Wimbledon has been well dominated by the previous Champions. It has been only a few times during the past ten years that a new player would break in to win it all. Look at the Williams Sisters, together… Continue Reading →

Rituals Of Hockey: Playoff Beards on Funny or Die

Stamford, U.S.A – No one takes beards more seriously than pro hockey players and their fans, who toss their blades each April when the playoffs begin. The road to the championship is long, and the beards even longer. Which begs… Continue Reading →

American Judoka Expelled from Olympics For Marijuana Use

During the past days we have heard of athletes being expelled for unruly behavior. Up until now, there were no Americans involved in the controversies surrounding this year’s Olympics, but unfortunately the time has come for an American athlete to… Continue Reading →

Magic Fall to Heat as Wade Has Huge Fourth Quarter

With just a 34 point output in the second half and a huge fourth quarter by Dwyane Wade, the Orlando Magic €“ who hold the third-best record in the Eastern Conference (29-17) €“ fell to the current second seed in the… Continue Reading →

Championnat Superbike: Race to the Finish Line

The deafening roar of engines silenced the arena. All eyes were on the on the starting line, and heartbeats stretched into infinity. Without warning, chills rolled down my spine, and a gust of wind encircled me as the motorists sped… Continue Reading →

Are Aging Veterans Becoming Desperate for Rings?

It seems to be a growing trend across all of the major sporting leagues in the United States that aging veterans seem to spend the final years of their career doing anything they can to put one more championship ring… Continue Reading →

L.A. Dodgers File Motion to Forbid Stow Bankruptcy Court Claim

Los Angeles Dodgers LLC has reported that it has filed a motion to disallow all claims (the “Stow Claim”) asserted by Bryan Stow, Tyler Stow and Tabitha Stow against the Los Angeles Dodgers with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. On March 31, 2011, which was Opening… Continue Reading →

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