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Apartment Complexes Begin Tracking Dog Droppings

No one likes stepping in a mess left by another person′s dog. As recently reported, more and more apartment dwellers are getting apartment dogs which adds to the problem. A new company, PooPrints, has begun offering its services to… Continue Reading →

Realtor to Make a 700 Mile Ride on His Bicycle to Make a Point

Having sold houses for a living for 24 years, Vick Dyer has faithfully attended his company’s international conferences for 14 years. This year, though, he’ll be making the trip of more than 700 miles under his own power ­€“ simply to… Continue Reading →

Little Miss Botox?

Whatever your opinion of the pageant industry or pageant moms may be, this story is teeming with vile exploitation no matter whose side you’re on. Back in March, British newspaper, The Sun published a disturbing article about thirty-four year old… Continue Reading →

Divorce Calculator Becomes a Success in China

A British calculator that estimates the financial costs of a divorce has become a great phenomenon in China. As a consequence, several Asian couples have begun to reconsider if it′s worth it break up with their partners or not. The… Continue Reading →

Huguette Clark, 104 Year Old Heiress Dies

The old saying goes, €it takes all kinds to make a world.€ That is truly the case for 104-year-old Huguette Clark. She was born in 1906 to Montana copper tycoon William Clark. He won notoriety by purchasing a temporary seat… Continue Reading →

FEMA Concentration Camps, Just Another X-Files?

There is an alternative theory that suggests the United States government is building internment camps which will be used to detain U.S. citizens for reasons unknown.  The theory gained more traction last year when TruTV′s program €œConspiracy Theory€, hosted by… Continue Reading →

Annual UFO Conference Held in Arizona

One of the largest annual gatherings of UFO enthusiasts was held last month in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The 20th annual International UFO Congress allows people who believe in aliens or who have had encounters with UFOs to meet and share their… Continue Reading →

Vampire Creature El Chupacabra Legend Debunked

El Chupacabra, the infamous vampire creature first discovered in the mid-1990′s, is not real, according to one expert.  Well-published writer and skeptic Benjamin Radford, author of several books on monsters and paranormal phenomena and managing editor of the journal The… Continue Reading →

Remembering Julia Pastrana, ‘The Ape Woman’

The Victorian stage performer, Julia Pastrana lived a life of hardship, being labeled many things, such as The Bearded Lady, The Ape Woman, and The Marvelous Hybrid throughout her life. Even after marriage, she was used as a source of… Continue Reading →

UFO over Brazil

Another UFO was reportedly seen flying over the skies of Brazil recently.  Witnesses report that the unidentified flying object was seen near the town of Agudas in Sao Paulo state.  But, was it really a UFO or just another hoax?… Continue Reading →

What Really Happened on 9-11?

This year marks the ten year anniversary of the horrific events that have come to be known collectively as €œ9-11.€  On September 11, 2001- the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil was carried out.  The official story, which emerged rather… Continue Reading →

Human Breast Milk from Genetically Altered Cows

In a nation where formula is the preferred nutrient for infants, a healthier alternative to both traditional breast milk and formula may be available globally within the next ten years. A team of scientists from State Key Laboratories for Agro… Continue Reading →

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