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Dog Sniffs Out TV Reporter’s Unfamiliar Pre-WWII Family History

A Massachusetts man recently discovered a forgotten part of his family’s past when, during a walk in their new neighborhood, his dog led him to his father’s childhood home from 70 years previous – a house that not even his father remembered,… Continue Reading →

UFO over Vancouver, Washington is a Kite

In February, there were reports of an unidentified flying object in the sky near Vancouver, Washington.  But, the mystery has been solved for now.  According to the owner, a Chinese-made kite was in the sky that night. During the UFO… Continue Reading →

Artist Mutilates, Kills Animals For Exhibitions

Dutch artist Katinka Simonse is known for killing and brutalizing animals for her performance art. Simonse, 31, goes by the name €œTinkerbell€ and gives live presentations of animal abuse and mutilation. She claims she is drawing awareness to animal abuse… Continue Reading →

Mystery Healing of Asthma Patients Done by Live Fish in India

Miracles of God are never limited and can be discovered in the most eccentric of ways. Such is the case of the mystery healing of asthmatics in Hyderabad, a city in India. The weirdness is to an extent of absurdity whereby… Continue Reading →

Cannibalism, The New Trend in Russia?

On May 2, somewhere in Moscow Nikolai prepared his supper, and the menu included human liver, stew, and potatoes€¦ This could be the beginning of the first chapter of a horror novel, but reality comes to surprise us from time… Continue Reading →

Baby Azaria Chamberlain Died at the Hands of a Dingo

A growl came first, followed by darkness in an isolated Australian desert, where a baby′s cry shattered the peaceful night. A nine-week-old baby vanished from inside the tent. Outside, her mother ear-piercingly shouted: “The dingo’s got my baby!” My Daily… Continue Reading →

Rozonno and Mia McGhee, Sextuplets Make Internet Sensation

After a decision to upload pictures of their sextuplets, the McGhee family became an internet sensation. Via the social network site Facebook, a cybernaut charity set up in the family′s name has been able to aid the parents through their… Continue Reading →

Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Believes in UFOs

Honorable Paul Hellyer, a former deputy prime minister of Canada and the longest serving current member of the Queen’s Privy Council, which is made up of “prominent Canadians appointed to advise the queen on issues of importance to the country,”… Continue Reading →

UFO activity Increased in Japan Before Earthquake

Prior to the earthquake that rocked Japan, sending tsunamis of destruction and killing thousands of residents, something else strange was happening.  There was a dramatic increase in UFO activity. It began about three weeks before the massive quake hit, the… Continue Reading →

Dog Rescued by Dolphins

A gulf coast Florida dog was saved from drowning by two dolphins eager to help their land cousin after the dog apparently fell into the water and was unable to get out of a canal.  Cindy Burnett, from Marco Island,… Continue Reading →


Three UFOs were recently captured on video flying over the U.S. city of Chicago, Illinois.  In a video that lasts for nearly 15 minutes, an alleged UFO is seen hovering in the sky above a grocery store parking lot.  The… Continue Reading →

Pope Stepping Down Hypes Up Conspiracy Theories

Much speculation circulates about the reasons behind the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on February 28. Benedict released this statement that says it was due to health and age, and reveals that the former Pope was simply too weak… Continue Reading →

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