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Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs at Best Friends Pet Care

Chef Penny slices some turkey, places it on a fancy plate, adds some trimmings, and serves it to Henry and Eloise, two of her eager holiday guests. Henry’s ears promptly fall into his plate while Eloise dives face first into… Continue Reading →

UFOs Spotted Over Chicago

Three UFOs were recently captured on video flying over the U.S. city of Chicago, Illinois.  In a video that lasts for nearly 15 minutes, an alleged UFO is seen hovering in the sky above a grocery store parking lot.  The… Continue Reading →

City Ranking of Online Flirting Place Athens at Top

A recent research made from the social website has shown that Athens is the first country to lead the list that ranks numbers of online flirt relations per month and user. Despite the fact that Paris is said to… Continue Reading →

Mysterious Egyptian Statue Spins on its Own

While movies such as €˜Night at the Museum′ speculate in the imaginative idea that there could actually be life in the miniatures and artifacts displayed on the museum shelves, more eerie and much more real events than a cuddly dinosaur… Continue Reading →

Two Billion Alien Earths May Exist in our Galaxy

A new study by the scientists at NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA suggests that our galaxy may be more crowded than once thought.  The study discovered that one out of every 37 to one out of every 70… Continue Reading →

Student Tries to Drink Her Own Blood: Shocks School

This past week a young female student did something no one ever would have imagined. While sitting in her seat in her classroom at Marulamantsi Junior Secondary School in Botswana, she stood up and pulled out her sanitary pad while… Continue Reading →

Iran Claims to Have Flying Saucer

Iran is claiming that that they have built the world′s first €œflying saucer€, according to the official state-run Iranian news agency.  The news agency asserted that the craft was unveiled to Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamene in a special ceremony last… Continue Reading →

Chupacabra Killed in Texas

A chupacabra was allegedly shot and killed in Texas by a 13-year old boy. The chupacabra is a mythical creature originally found in Puerto Rico. Sighting of the creature have been reported in Mexico and the Southwest United States. The… Continue Reading →

TSA Continues to Violate Passengers

A new TSA screening procedure, introduced late last year, has continued to outrage Americans over what some suggest is a violation of civil liberties.  Disgruntled passengers have been sharing their stories of humiliation and lawmakers are starting to hear the… Continue Reading →

Shocking UFO Over Colorado

The latest UFO sighting captured on camera is perhaps one of the more remarkable videos.  The mysterious lights appeared over Lafayette, Colorado last week.  The three red lights formed a triangular shape and was very slow moving according to witnesses…. Continue Reading →

Small Town Boys Live Out A Dream

Living out your dreams can have some limits in a town with 300 people and no stoplights. For Michael Hollinger, Bodie Hope, and Dylan “Rocky” Riley, three young men from Arkansas, the chance to live out one of their dreams became reality and… Continue Reading →

Are Violent Crimes a Result of Ice Cream Sales?

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