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Nation of Islam and UFOs

The Nation of Islam, perhaps better known for its promotion of Black Nationalism, is putting the spotlight on something else€”the existence of UFOs.  The Chicago group held its annual Saviors′ Day convention last month.  During the three day event, there… Continue Reading →

Two Giant Turtles Break Up After 115 Years Together

Two giant tortoises at an Austrian zoo named, Bibi (female) and Poldi (male) have finished their relationship as a couple. The turtles started their romance -115 years- at Basel zoo in Switzerland when they were young. The world’s oldest animal… Continue Reading →

The Voynich Manuscript, Alien Book: One Mystery Solved

The Voynich Manuscript, a book that was found nearly a century ago, has mystified scientists and experts for years.  Written in what seems to be an €œalien€ language, with some characters resembling Latin letters, and others unlike anything used in… Continue Reading →

Lost Publication Found, Describes Penguins’ “Depraved” Sex Acts

New notes from Captain Scott’s 1910 polar expedition have been rediscovered that reveal strange sexual tendencies in Adelie Penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae). The notes were rediscovered at the Natural History Museum in Tring, England by Douglas Russell. Russell said, €œas it… Continue Reading →

Finalists Claim that American Idol Mansion is Haunted

The remaining American Idol contestants became freaked out by their lodging after they believed ghosts invaded the Beverly Hills mansion.  The 11 finalists from the hit Fox series moved out of the mansion permanently last week after various supernatural experiences… Continue Reading →

Man Victimized in Relationship Scam

An American man, age 48, had led a relationship with a woman via the Internet for two and a half years despite the fact that he had never actually seen the girlfriend. He had admitted that he had not been… Continue Reading →

How Far Can Someone Push Apple Store′s Hospitality?

The general image of the Apple Store is to €œdo what you want so long as you don′t break or steal anything.€ To see just how far he could go, comedian Mark Malkoff pulled some interesting pranks on one Apple… Continue Reading →

Who is Killing the Cattle?

Since ancient times, man claims to have seen several UFOs. Many believe such stories, while others ignore what they see as crazy. The FBI declassified a document  in 2009 that contains police reports as well as newspaper and magazine clippings… Continue Reading →

U.K. Government Release Documents Related to UFOs

The British National Archives recently released a series of 8,500 previously classified documents that discuss sightings of unidentified flying objects dating back to the 1950′s.  The 35 large files, available online , primarily cover the time period between 1997-2005. The… Continue Reading →

A Birth Control Pill for Men?

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