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Gay Marriage in New York Stalls

The critical gay marriage bill in New York State is not any closer to becoming law despite plenty of back room dealings on Monday. A three hour conference seemingly produced no results in Albany and the push to vote on… Continue Reading →

E-Prescription Software Drives Bonus Payments

Couer d’alene, U.S.A. — Financial Data Management (FDM), a provider of medical billing and practice management services to physician practice groups, is facilitating federal Meaningful Use reimbursement bonuses for filing electronic prescriptions by utilizing the E-Prescribing module of MedInformatix claims… Continue Reading →

City Index Provides New Tool for Traders

Spread betting with City Index allows traders, whether new or experienced, to speculate on the price movements of a wide range of financial markets, irrespective of their direction. An attractive alternative to more conventional forms of trading, there are four… Continue Reading →

College Students Reminded to Check Insurance Needs

Pennsylvania, U.S.A. — As college students return to campus to begin the new academic year, Insurance Commissioner Mike Consedine reminds families to create a “dorm room inventory” for insurance purposes. “Many college students head to campus hauling a costly array of personal… Continue Reading →

Americans Car Addiction Puts Brake on Sustainable and Healthier Transport

Despite rocketing fuel prices and rampant obesity, active travel in the U.S. rose only slightly from 2001 to 2009, with an increase in the share of trips by walking and cycling just 1.9 percent and 0.1 percent respectively, according to… Continue Reading →

States Fight for First Republican Primaries

States are now clamoring to move the Republican primary up early, leaving the traditional first states left in the dust. Florida Republican presidential primary is likely going to be held five weeks earlier than normal, moving the primary to January… Continue Reading →

Obama Supports Honoring Munich Victims at Olympics

New York, U.S.A. – ”President Obama’s endorsement of an Olympic games moment of silence in honor of slain Israelis is a welcome boost to the global campaign,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has rejected public… Continue Reading →

Anthony Weiner, Weiner-Gate

Amnesty International Lets You Experience Torture Virtually

A man was in the kitchen on what promised to be another relaxing night at home. He washed up and plopped on the living room couch next to his wife who wore a smile, perhaps glad to have her husband… Continue Reading →

New Anti-Piracy Firm Launched By Two War Veterans

San Diego, U.S.A. – Skye Maritime, a new firm offering security and anti-piracy solutions for clients operating in war risk regions at sea, is beginning operations this month. The company, launched by two U.S. Armed Forces veterans, provides a specialized… Continue Reading →

World’s Oldest Ford Joins Henry Ford’s 150th Celebration

Dearborn, U.S.A. – A key part of Ford Motor Company’s heritage returns home as a Model A built in 1903 is again with the Ford family, kicking off the yearlong celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of company founder Henry… Continue Reading →

2012 Asteroid to Return Next Year

Instead of coming back on December 21, 2012 – the infamous apocalyptic date – the newly discovered asteroid 2012 DA14 is not expected to return around February 15, 2013. For now, humanity can breathe easy. A group of amateur astronomers… Continue Reading →

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