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Texas Proposed Immigration Bill has One Very Big Exception

A state representative in Texas has proposed an anti-immigration bill that has received national attention.  House Bill 1202, authored by Republican state Rep. Debbie Riddle would make tough state punishments for those who “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly” hire an unauthorized… Continue Reading →

Migraine Patients Part of New Study

Philadelphia, U.S.A. – Health Union, LLC, released the results of its landmark study “Migraine In America 2012“ via a live web conference. This patient survey was completed by over 2,600 migraine sufferers in May and June of this year and represents… Continue Reading →

Archdiocese of New York Schools Have a New Partner

New York, U.S.A. — Smart Tuition, the nation’s largest independently owned tuition management company, has announced that the Archdiocese of New York selected Smart to be its exclusive partner in tuition management for the new regional schools program. Smart was… Continue Reading →

The Stock Market is Riding High, but for How Long?

As the country prepares for the presidential election, there is one talking point President Obama′s team may use often. During his term, the stock market has regained the losses endured at the end of Bush′s term. It is a good… Continue Reading →

Shooting at Houston Strip Club Causes 3 Deaths

On June 20 around 3 A.M., several shots were fired outside of Score’s Cabaret Strip Club and the adjacent night club. At the time, around three hundred people were leaving the night club after a rap concert. Three people, one… Continue Reading →

TV Program in Minnesota to Warn on Secondhand Smoke

ClearWay Minnesota (SM), in partnership with ECHO Minnesota, has produced a unique television program warning that secondhand smoke should remain a public health priority for Minnesotans €“ particularly among Minnesota’s ethnic communities. Secondhand Smoke in Our Communities will air on public television stations across Minnesota,… Continue Reading →

Rebuilding a Ship to Remember History

Researchers at Texas A&M University are reconstructing the ancient ship La Belle in an effort that has never been attempted at this scale. The French ship was part of Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle’s plan to colonize Texas. La… Continue Reading →

Google Withdraws Lawsuit Against Apple

Google-owned Motorola Mobility has withdrawn a patent-infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc., which it brought to the U.S. International Commission Trade, in order to block the importation of some Apple products: iPhones, iPads and iPods. Google’s Motorola Mobility business filed the… Continue Reading →

Planning For Your Retirement

Omaha, U.S.A. — According to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent report on financial literacy in the United States, many individuals would do well to take a refresher course just to cover the basics. And when it comes to more complex… Continue Reading →

Republicans’ Attack Obama on Economy, Welfare (Part 1)

Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and many other Republicans have been criticizing President Obama for what they consider to be failed economic policies and are accusing him of trying to get rid of work requirements in order to receive… Continue Reading →

Election Demographics 2012: The Latino Vote

Perhaps the largest minority voting bloc with the biggest impact are Hispanics. Hispanics have quickly become one of the largest demographics in the United States and in recent years have grown significantly in size. In North Carolina alone from 2000… Continue Reading →

NAACP Opening Speech: Mired in the Past of Race

€œWe Shall Not Be Moved.€ That was both the slogan and feeling at the 104th National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) convention in Orlando, Florida. Repeated strong and loud, like a line reminiscent of old Negro spirituals, the mantra… Continue Reading →

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