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Russian Scientists Finally Reach Underground Lake in the Antarctic

On February 5, after nearly two decades, a team of Russian scientists finally drilled through the ice sheets of Antarctica and reached the buried Lake Vostok, which has not been exposed to light or air in nearly twenty million years…. Continue Reading →

South Korea to Improve Medical Policy for Foreign Patients

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Rim Chemin) and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (President Ko Kyung-hwa) launched a project to improve the medical service system for foreign patients. They have designated 38 tasks, including seven major issues,… Continue Reading →

Argentina, On Its Way To Legalize The Consumption of Some Drugs

The legalization to consume some drugs in Argentina has generated a great polemic in the country. The Government had to firmly state that: €œ There will never be free drugs in Buenos Aires€. The executive of Cristina Fernandez announced to… Continue Reading →

Their Somalia, Our Somalia

Most often than not you wonder if the very people in whose hand we have left the management and of our countries and world in general are worth the honor. You wonder if those at the helm of affairs are… Continue Reading →

Palestinian Resistance, Diverse but Focused on Liberation

For many Palestinians, the national objective of their lifetime is to see their country free from the Israeli occupation. On the ground, you will find many Palestinian resistance movements with varies ideologies and backgrounds; in the past the majority of… Continue Reading →

Chinese Foxconn Employees Use Suicide Threat in Dispute

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2012 will be the year of the dragon and though the new year has only just begun, it has already come in roaring, putting the mayor of Wuhan, China to the test. According to,… Continue Reading →

New Arrests in Murdoch Bribery Scandal Raise Question of U.S. Charges

This weekend, five more journalists from a Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid were arrested as part of an ongoing bribery investigation. The arrested journalists, all from The Sun, were later released, and have yet to be charged with any crimes. (As The Wall Street… Continue Reading →

Ukraine and Russia in Good Place for Bilateral Ties

Oscar Aubert, political scientist and expert on West Europe, Russia and CIS, has stated that Ukraine and Russia are in a good place to further bilateral ties. Aubert said: “Russia and the Ukraine have a long shared history. Russia sees… Continue Reading →

Spanish Unions Announce General Strike On March 29

Candido Mendez and Ignacio Fernandez, leaders of the Unions UGT (Union General Workers) and CCOO (workers’ committees) in Spain have fixed March 29 for a general strike in the country against labour reforms proposed by the government. The day after,… Continue Reading →

2012 Rankings of World’s Best Universities Released

Washington, U.S.A. — U.S. News & World Report, providers of service news and information, released on October 23, the fifth annual edition of the World’s Best Universities rankings. For the past two years, the United Kingdom’s University of Cambridge topped the list, but… Continue Reading →

Floods in Thailand Enter Bangkok

Predicted high tides this weekend have caused thousands of Bangkok residents to evacuate the city for drier ground after the government announced an official five-day holiday. Three months of unusually heavy rains have left 381 dead and 110,000 displaced. An… Continue Reading →

War of Words Between US and Iran Over Strait of Hormuz

Tensions between US and Iran escalated recently when Iran threatened to block a vital sea route mainly used for oil transit. Iran′s navy chief Admiral Habibollah Sayari recently warned that shutting the Strait of Hormuz to oil traffic would be “easier… Continue Reading →

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