With the arrival of the summer season, music events are exploding around the globe. An interesting one is the Citadel Music Festival, taking place in Berlin, Germany. Do not be confused by the word €œfestival,€ expecting a 4 days event with loads of bands performing one after the other. This music event, organized by Trinity Music GmbH, spreads over about three months of genuine appreciation for the art of music. Kicking off on June 5 with the performance by historical band Toto, the festival will close the curtain on August 30 with Xavas.

Citadel Music Festival takes place at the Spandau Citadel, a Renaissance fortress, located on an island created by the meeting of the rivers Havel and Spree. The Citadel is a beautiful open air location with the ability to contain a large number of participants while offering a dreamy setting to enjoy the soul of music. A variety of genres and styles are covered by the festival, including world fusion, trip hop, classic rock, alternative and proto-punk.

Acts such as Portishead, ZZ Top, and 30 Seconds to Mars will perform in this beautiful location. Queens of the Stone Age will be there on June 22 promoting their upcoming work €˜…Like Clockwork,′ the band′s sixth studio album due on June 3. Tenacious D will offer the city a performance of its funny rock, whose ironic lyrics accompany a strong and serious sound. One of the most intriguing performances offered by the musical event is surely the Iggy and The Stooges concert. The band has recently released a new album €˜Ready to Die,′ the first one seeing Iggy Pop and James Williamson collaborate on the composition of tracks after the glorious €˜Raw Power′ album, released in 1973 and held responsible for the birth of punk rock.

Iggy and The Stooges are well known for offering one of the best live shows in the current music scene. In spite of his age, Iggy Pop does not seem to feel any need to change his approach to the stage, nor do the great Mike Watt, Steve Mackay, Scott Asheton, and James Williamson who together with the Iguana create a magical atmosphere during the concert, able to kidnap the audience and bring it to the roots of rock. They create a powerful and honest experience, which merges raw sentiments, strong energy, simplicity and perfect execution, giving birth to an astonishing performance. A concert by Iggy and The Stooges is an experience which goes beyond words, and a must see for anybody who wants to fully live music instead of just listening to it. The graceful setting of the Spandau Citadel will serve as the perfect stage for such a glorious event.

The Citadel Music Festival is used to big names playing its stage: Patty Smith, Billy Idol, Marilyn Manson and many more played there, giving this festival great relevance in the scene. With eighteen concerts spanned over three months, picking among several music genres, this year the Citadel Music Festival gives once again everybody a chance to take a leap into one’s favorite kind of music. For the complete line-up click here.


Image credit: Citadelmusicfestival.de