It is easy to see why Daisy Head may very well have the world at her feet. She is the daughter of well-known actor Anthony Head, and her sister Emily is becoming one of the faces of The Inbetweeners, playing Simon′s love interest, Carli. Daisy certainly doesn′t lack confidence, inspiration, or a spring in her step as she spoke to Toonari Post about her hopes for her future in the acting industry.

Talking to her, it was easy to forget Daisy is the same age as me. She seemed to have a very good idea of where she would like to go and what she would like to do, and has the confidence and backing to make it all the way. Daisy was raised in Somerset, England but since her dad was one of the stars of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer as she was growing up, a lot of her time was spent in Hollywood, watching, learning and being inspired by what was around her.

€œOf course, my dad has been a big influence on me,€ said Daisy as she recalled her younger days. €œIt was something I got into at a young age and he′s been a real help in me becoming an actress.€

Daisy trained in theater and dance and did a lot of theater work growing up in Bath, Engalnd at the Theater Royal near her home. She landed her first TV role ten years ago in the British crime drama Rose and Maloney, before going on to appear in ITV’s Trial & Retribution, Doc Martin and several episodes of British medical drama Holby City. Her break came in 2010 when she appeared in the Rules of Love musical, and she went on to appear in her first film, The Last Seven, alongside the likes of Danny Dyer.

€œIt was great to be involved in a film, I wasn′t star struck, it wasn′t a big budget thriller so it felt much easier to be a part of, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very professional,€ Daisy recalled.

The 20-year-old revealed she had just missed out on a lead role in a film in 2012. She couldn′t reveal the name of the film, but being considered for lead roles shows how Daisy has progressed and matured in the last few years. At the beginning of 2012 she appeared in the TV movie Endeavour on ITV, and the spin-off to Inspector Morse, playing Jenny Crisp in a cast that included Michael Matus, Shaun Evans, Jenna Harrison and Danny Webb. Endeavour received positive reviews and Daisy was only too happy to play her part.

€œIt was fabulous to be a part of, it was such a great cast and it was brilliant to film,€ she said. €œI played a young girl with a good role in the story, it was really enjoyable to be around the cast and I′d love to do something similar again.€

She has certainly followed in the footsteps of her sister by appearing in shows such as British comedy drama Doc Martin and Trial & Retribution, but Daisy is part of a close-knit family and the support is clearly strong as she appears at premieres with both Emily and her father regularly.

Despite her recent break into the world of film and TV, Daisy is still keen to continue her roles in theater production, and is returning to Los Angeles in a few weeks to further enhance her skills and knowledge of theater in the States.

€œIt′s something I′ve always loved doing and I definitely want to keep going,€ she said, referring to her passion for theater. €œI′m going back to America this month and hopefully I can get a lot out of it.€

To her credit, Daisy is not getting ahead of herself. When asked about her hopes for the next few years, she accepted that it is an unpredictable industry and doesn′t want to put a marker on where she wants to be in five or ten years’ time.

€œI think it′s difficult to say, I′m very lucky to have had the roles I have been given and the backing I′ve had from my family is always something which makes me want to continue. But you can′t predict where you′ll be because you don′t know what′s going to come up. I′d love to continue doing what I′ve done so far, theatre and TV but I just want to take things one step at a time.€

Daisy is clearly a very level-headed girl, and as said before, for someone her age it is a credit to her that she is keeping her feet well on the ground. From talking to her, it seems certain that whether it is in England or in the US,  Daisy has a big future in acting.


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