Toonari post is a good platform; one that could grow into something new and innovative. You can trust me when I say that it is a good place to get your message out there in the world. If there is something that is not being covered out there, tell us about it and we will cover it.

Opportunities in life come and go, but the people we meet can make an unexpected offer to us, that could bring along a great experience. This was the case with Erin Chavez. Erin was born in a small town in Western New York where she studied Psychology. After getting her Bachelors degree, she moved to Florida to go to graduate school and begin to work in a Mental house center where she met Sherol.

After some time, Sherol contacted Erin again and made her a proposition. €œ I was pretty burned out of the mental house center, and Sherol proposed to me the idea of starting work with Africana Online. This was the first Project before Toonari Post was created, and all I started doing is writing 2 articles per day, and submitting them to the website. It used to take me all night to write two or three articles, but now ‘m doing even nine articles per day. The more you do, the more you know to do your research, and everything becomes easier and faster€.

She started writing and accomplishing one of her dreams. €œ Since I was 6 years old, I always wanted to be a writer. I would sit in my room and write stories. But I guess the only thing that backed me a bit was the thought that journalists don’t make much money. But now I′m back, this is my first real journalist experience. We just get to do our own thing, and if you need support you have it there, you just need to go online and reach out for your colleagues.

Even thought she has never worked for a newspaper, or had a journalist job in previous jobs, Erin is glad to have joined Toonari. €œIt is a great experience, because any job you apply to in the future as a journalist will want to see some published work. This is something that people admire and think, ‘ooh what is this’”.

When you write, you wait for an article to be exposed and discover by the readers. €œI was exited about the articles that were linked to a big blog. I’m really exited about those. Information cannot get anywhere if its not being shared. If you get that buzz going it can get bigger€.

€œI like that I feel that it can really do something. I love having all these interns from all parts of the world. We are working from all over. And if I get the chance to travel now I have friends to visit.€