Fashion is more convincing when it′s signed with the unique personality and inspirational lifestyle of people. As Coco Chanel said €œI do not do fashion, I am fashion€. This could be the reason why blogs are so popular and young people seek them. Some of them look for inspiration; others look for ways to express themselves.

A “blog” is a shortcut for web-journal in which people can publish their opinions and passions on the Internet.

To start your own blog you just need to find the domain (or use a free blog service) that appeals to you. The most popular free hosting providers include Blogger or If you treat your blog as a serious matter, remember that finding sources of traffic is crucial to the success of the blog.

Having a professional strategy of growing traffic will determine the amount of success your blog has. You can provide good traffic by re-posting to the commentators, provide helpful information′s, post constantly to keep your audience interested in your theme and create your own unique style.

In today′s world where communication through internet is very common there are millions of blogs all over the world including those fashion-focused. The most succeed fashion blogs in the year 2010 and 2011 according to the  are the one where fashion passion is contrasted with private life for example family life, cooking passions and many others.

Website,  presents the most exciting street blogs from all over the world where accidentally €˜hunted′ people has opportunity to present their stylizations.

Bloggers who are successful in their work can earn good money blogging. According to Internet statistics from, about 30 percent of systematically posting bloggers earn more than $500 a month and from it about 9 percent earn more than $20,000 a month.

Website  presents a list of the 10 most popular fashion bloggers in the year 2010. Nowadays, one of the most popular fashion blogger is 19-year old Jane Aldrige. Her blog €œSea of shoes€ has 70,000 visits per day. Jane started when she was 15 years old and now she is 19 and she gives interviews to Teen Vogue and is on the red carpets.

In her interview for Teen Voguue Jane admit that she did not expect that her blog will be such a big success but suddenly it is way of her life. Another popular blogger is Tavi Gevinson ( Tavi began at the very early age of 13. Like Jane she has created her value in Teen Vogue, through fashion magazines and she systematically shocks journalists with her mature considerations about fashion.

As a proof that not only teenagers are keen on fashion, there is Scott Schuman′s blog, The Sartorialist’s street style was launched in 2005 by the 41-year old New Yorker and its author has been named one of Time magazine’s biggest design influences. He also worked for Burberry, was a model for Gap and he wrote a book.