The remaining American Idol contestants became freaked out by their lodging after they believed ghosts invaded the Beverly Hills mansion.  The 11 finalists from the hit Fox series moved out of the mansion permanently last week after various supernatural experiences that sent them over the edge.

According to TMZ, the contestants complained about bizarre flicking lights inside the house.  There was also a strange and sudden spider infestation.  Several contestants claim to have witnessed a bed sheet float down an empty hallway.  The final straw was when torrential rains in the area were responsible for severe leaking in the mansion.

After that, according to sources, the contestants freaked out and demanded to be moved to a new location.  Producers obliged and the group is now at an undisclosed location, likely an area hotel.   Insiders claim that the only scary thing about the $100,000 a month mansion was the girls had to share one bathroom.  And that the spider problem and leaky roof were the real reasons the kids wanted out.  However, others suggest that the producers acted quickly to move the kids and perhaps knew more about the haunting than they were letting on.  Beverly Hills is an area rich with spiritual history.

After the story broke, Idol producers have attempted to make light of the situation and turn the whole story into a silly segment to promote the show.

This isn′t the first Idol haunting either.  Contestants during season 8 had claimed that their Bel Air mansion was haunted as well. In an interview with People magazine in 2009, contestants said their house was being haunted by a woman named Phyllis who lived in finalist Allison Iraheta’s room.

Contestant Lil Rounds from season 8 said Iraheta reported hearing growls. Some contestants saw a “white shadow walking across the room.”   They believed that Phyllis wasn’t violent and just seemed to be “a friendly troublemaker.”